Putting the bounce back into the East Region


In memory of Steve Locke

Dan FrostLondon Triathlon 2015 in memory of Steve Locke

Once again Daniel Frost, ex-regional competitor here in East, is raising money in memory of Steve Locke for MacMillan Cancer, this time by doing the London Triathlon on Sunday 9th August.  This is a great cause and one Steve’s family have pleasure in supporting.  If you would like to sponsor Dan, and give a quick wink to Steve in the process, then please use one of the following methods:

  1. https://www.justgiving.com/Daniel-Frost4,
  2. Text DFLT93 then the amount to 70070,
  3. Cheque, or other monetary form, at the Cardiff League competition where Dan will be competing in 19+ L2.

Waveney Seek Trampoline Coach

WaveneyWaveney Seek Trampoline Coach

In its current facility for 10 years Waveney Gymnastics Club has developed to become one of the leading sports clubs and facilities in the District and County. Our purpose built facility is one of the best centres in the country.  In the last five years hosting national junior and Senior boys training camps including teams from Canada, Australia, Great Britain leading up to London 2012, also the Japanese Trampoline squad prior to 2012.  We are a genuine community run club, which caters for all levels of gymnastic/ Trampoline related activities from babies through to adults and top competitive athletes. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone accessing our facility under the guidance and care of qualified coaches.

Waveney Gymnastics Club are seeking to increase their coaching team and an opportunity to coach their successful Performance Trampoline squad has come available.  Currently this is a part time post however, with the correct candidate we at Waveney Gymnastics Club would be happy to expand this to a full time position.

We are looking to appoint an energetic, enthusiastic coach to join the team, where the post will involve working with our successful development squad.

The club has a competitive pay structure related to the qualifications and experience of the individual coaches.  Opportunities for further development and attendance on appropriate course are available and negotiable.  Any interested persons looking to start a new venture at our world-class purpose-built facility; who has already gained a coaching qualification are invited to send their C.V’s to alex@waveneygymnastics.org.

Starting date would be as soon as the correct candidate becomes available.

East Region Championship 2015

East Region Championship 2015

Levitation hosts East Region Championship 2015The date and venue for this has now been set and all clubs are invited to prepare for the competition which is being hosted by Levitation TC:

  • Date:  11th October
  • Venue: Hertfordshire Sports Village, De Havilland Campus University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Herts. AL10 9EU.

As in previous years there will be both team and individual champions and clubs may enter more than one team if they would like.  One big change this year is brought upon us because of the two different structures in use and in order to allow all to compete on a ‘level-playing field’ the competition will make use of the East Region’s Open Competition Structure.  This structure has been designed to give clubs confidence in using either NDP or Eastern Grades (or both in reflection of individuals’ needs) as their preferred development pathway going forward.  This new format structure was trialled at the recent Fenland Flyers Open where both the organizers and those attending thought it worked well with only minor wrinkles (now being in the process of being ironed out).

As with last year the competition will be for:

  • Trampoline for People with Disabilities,
  • Individual Trampoline &
  • Double Mini Trampoline.

If anybody has a query about the New Open Structure please email open@trampoline-east.org.

East Region Trampoline Technical Committee (Trampoline East) – AGM Notice

Our Annual General Meeting will immediately follow the East Region Championship competition.  Can all clubs please make an effort to attend.


NDP Regional Team Finals

NDP Regional Team Finals

East Regional NDP Team

Most of the team were able to get together before the event

Over the last weekend of May, The Peterborough Arena hosted a wonderful Regional Team Finals, an intermediate level competition between teams of trampoline, double mini and tumbling gymnasts from all regions of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  The East Region’s team was small compared to some but had quality and spirit in abundance and punched well above its weight. Our younger performers in particular were an inspiration and at the end of the first day on overall points we led the competition!  Sunday was a little quieter for us but the East Team finished 5th on trampoline among the 12 regions, 3rd on double mini and 2nd in tumbling; a fantastic result!

Gold medal winner

One of our Gold medal winners on the podium

On trampoline there were golds for Shannon Waterman, Conner Houston, Harvey Bell, Carys Verdicchio and Hal Ottley; all aged 12 or younger. Ellis Rushworth jumped to silver and Imogen Mayhew, Charlotte Warnes, Caitlin Constance and Monica Dowling all collected bronze. 10 trampoline medals and 28 top eight placings was a tremendous haul.

On double mini our small team also made a great showing with 6 medals including wins for Imogen Mayhew, Hal Ottley, Max Gaeta and Ed Parkin. Daniel Cotta and Chloe Caley achieved silver and   Ella Houston reached the podium for her bronze. 11 of the team achieved top eight, point scoring places.  Special mention should go to Hal for his double gold and to Imogen, also a double medallist.

More than twenty of these gymnasts will be invited to compete in the National Development Plan (NDP) Finals which takes place in Telford this July.  Here they will compete for their individual clubs and we wish them every success.

Huge thanks are due to the East Team’s coaches, judges and supporters for helping our gymnasts achieve such a great result. Thanks too to all the coaches back at our gymnasts’ clubs and to Jack Kelly, Paul Kitchen, Dave Kingaby, Phil Dodson and the Region’s Trampoline Committee for their work in supporting gymnast development. It’s paying off guys!

Results can be found on the British Gymnastics website.

Report by Pat Dodson (Team Manager).

Results Table (Points & placing)





East 125 (5) 66 (3) 179 (2)
East Midlands 268 (1) 11 (10) 29 (11)
London 54 (10) 0 (11) 55 (10)
North of England 69 (9) 0 (11) 185 (1)
North West 101 (6) 62 (4) 27 (12)
Northern Ireland 43 (11) 53 (5) 12 (13)
Scotland 12 (12) 99 (2) 59 (9)
South West 158 (4) 170 (1) 136 (3)
South 176 (3) 30 (8) 77 (8)
South East 86 (7) 36 (7) 94 (6)
Wales 7 (13) 0 (11) 101 (5)
West Midlands 194 (2) 53 (5) 82 (7)
Yorkshire 75 (8) 26 (9) 110 (4)

Colchester Adult Open

Colchester-School-of-GymnasticsColchester Adult Open

Colchester School Of Gymnastics is holding its first Adult Competition on the 16th August 2015 for both gymnastics and trampoline, the entry deadline is 19th July.

The competition is for anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to compete regardless of your experience or ability.   We welcome you whether you are a complete beginner or retired from the sport.

The competition should be a fun experience to meet new people and try out some new or old skills. The full competition handbook with all details for information & the entry form can be downloaded below. The relevant extract for Trampoline routines is:



  1. Either tuck back somersault or jump full turn
  2. Straddle
  3. Seat landing
  4. 1⁄2 turn to seat landing
  5. 1⁄2 twist to feet
  6. Pike jump
  7. Back landing
  8. 1⁄2 twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. Either tuck front somersault or jump full turn

Optional Voluntary

Must include one somersault and one body landing – no difficulty score but 0.5 bonus for two somersaults.



  1. Back somersault tucked – 0.5 bonus for pike or straight
  2. Straddle
  3. Tucked Barani – 0.5 bonus for pike or straight
  4. Jump half turn
  5. Pike
  6. Back landing or 0.5 bonus for tuck back somersault to seat landing
  7. 1⁄2 turn to feet
  8. Tuck jump
  9. Pike jump
  10. Pike front somersault

Optional Voluntary

Must include a minimum of three somersaults and a maximum of 7, difficulty will be awarded.  There is a 0.3 bonus available for a 3⁄4 front somersault ball out barani or 3⁄4 back somersault cody. Each somersault must not exceed 0.6 in difficulty.



  • Minimum of 8 somersaults, must include one somersault with at least 360 twist.
  • Must include 3⁄4 Front somersault ball out barani or 3⁄4 back somersault cody
  • There is a 0.5 bonus for a double somersault

Optional Voluntary

Minimum of 8 somersaults – difficulty will be awarded.

Competition Handbook

Regional Squad – 24th May 2015

Regional Squad – 24th May 2015

Brentwood School Sports Centre.

Those listed below have been selected for the squads taking place on 24th may 2015.

Clubs are required to ensure their gymnasts are prepared for the day and are required to meet the fitness requirements for squad type training.

Would coaches please confirm either way the availability of their gymnasts no later than the 17th May by email to squad@trampoline-east.org.

The cost for the squad will be £15 payable on registration.


Junior Squad – 8:45 – 12:00 Youth Squad – 11:45 – 15:00
Name Club Name Club
Amber Bradley Hi Tension Amelia Edbrooke Sprung Loaded
Carys Verdicchio Rotations Austin Pannell Independent
Chloe Caley Pegasus Bex Alexander Aspire
Chloe Harrison Rotations Caitlin Houston Pegasus
Ella Houston Pegasus Freya Grundy Dragons
Evie Hood Colchester GC Georgia Berry Comets
Evie Joseph Brentwood Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood
Evie Stokes Shinn Brentwood Haidee Spence Dragons
Freya Williams Hi Tension Hannah Hodgkinson Hi-Tension
Hal Ottley Ipswich Four Hannah Morris Rotations
Hana Scillitoe Dimensions Kathryn Marson Rotations
Imogen Mayhew Pegasus Luke Dewe Sprung Loaded
Jared Smith Brentwood Maddison Merritt Brentwood
Liam Whistler Cambourne Comets Monica Dowling Brentwood
Lilia Kearney Ipswich Four Olivia Collier Flight
Lilly Patrick Hi Tension Olivia Watson Brentwood
Max Felton Dimensions Renee Specketer Brentwood
Max Gaeta Pegasus Sam Hodgkinson Hi-Tension
Sydney Kelly Cangaroos Trinity Kelly Cangaroos
Willow Lynch Colchester GC Reece Norden Sprung Loaded.

Fenland Flyers Open

Update to Fenland Flyers Open – 14th June 2015


Following the recent announcement by Trampoline East of the format for the regional championships, Fenland Flyers are going to adopt the new Open structure  which permits those regularly competing either grades or NDP to compete alongside one another.

Fenland Flyers will be holding an Open Competition on 14th June 2015 at the Thomas Clarkson Academy, Corporation Road, Wisbech, PE13 2SE.  Entry fee will be £7.50 and the closing date for entries 23rd May. Entry forms will come out nearer the time but any clubs thinking they will, or will not, enter, early advice to Adele would be appreciated – email fenlandflyers@hotmail.co.uk.

Competition groups will be as defined in the Open structure, TPD grades will also be offered as will a Novice Group competing the routine specified below.  Trophies will be awarded for the first 3 places in each group and medals for winning teams.

Novice routine will be:

  1. Straddle
  2. Seat landing
  3. To feet
  4. Tuck jump
  5. Half twist jump
  6. Pike jump
  7. Seat landing
  8. Half twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. Full twist

Regional Championship & Open Competitions

Regional Championship & Open Competitions

In previous years we have held an inter-club Regional Championship based on the grading routines.  With some clubs now opting to compete only in NDP this leaves the region divided in terms of routines being competed and the regional committee has been looking at ways in which we could come together without forcing clubs to abandon their principled decisions to adopt one, or the other, of the two structures we support in East.  All DMT and TPD competition in the region adopts the BG NDP structures and is not directly affected.


A competition structure in which the region can compete as peers again and which supports the Regional Championships.

A Basic Premise

The key pre-requisite is that in as far as it is possible those competing in either NDP or Grades are able to compete on a level footing with peers of similar age in Open Competitions.

Given this, it is entirely reasonable that where NDP deploys age-differential routines it is the routine that is competed which is key and not the grade.

Trying to map routines directly on the basis of like moves has failed to achieve a consensus.

The solution we have identified

Instead of using routines we should use tariff boundaries since there is no routine being used in current competition that cannot be defined in terms of its difficulty.

Outline of Solution

  1. Grades will be defined according to the difficulty score of the set routine (irrespective of whether it is a 9 or 10 move routine).
  2. In order to map onto existing regional championship perpetual trophies we want to have the same number of levels as the original grading system.
  3. Set routines must be either a recognized NDP or Trampoline East routine with the entry making clear which format is being used by competitor.
  4. Entries must compete either a ‘grade’ set that they have previously competed in regional competition or for one for which they have qualified. (The region’s technical sub-committee will arbitrate on any issues arising from this).
  5. Voluntary routines are a free choice (i.e. no mandated repeat of set) but must be within tariff constraints which are intended to permit a routine that could be the next higher set whilst discouraging a ‘simpler’ routine (the minimum in each case could be ‘repeat of set’ of course).
  6. Competition groups will need to be sorted by NDP and T-E entries (flights if a large enough group) where NDP adopts a 6-bounce and arm-set requirement in order to help judges know how to mark the beginning of the routine.
  7. Tariff can be awarded at all levels.  (This subject to committee review)
  8. Qualification between grade bands to be recorded regionally on achieving an aggregate form score over 2 rounds of 45.0 or greater. (Although clubs may award qualification according to either NDP or Trampoline-East grades criteria if they prefer).
  9. Where NDP  routines require a 6-bounce and arm-set start judges will award this an average deduction of 2 or 3 (judges discretion), no bonuses will be given.
  10. All incomplete routines will receive a score reflecting the moves completed. (This subject to committee review)
  11. Suggested levels based on tariff ranges are as follows:

Individual trampoline

The Mapped Grades column is intended only for guidance, the defining requirement will be the difficulty of the declared set routine.

Grade Set Range Voluntary Range Mapped Grades
Band 1 DD <1.0 DD ≤ 1.5 H, I, CDP 1 & 2
Band 2 DD ≥ 1.0, ≤1.5 DD ≥ 1.0 , ≤ 2.5 G, NDP1
Band 3 DD > 1.5, ≤2.5 DD ≥ 1.5 , ≤ 3.0 F, NDP2, NDP3
Band 4 DD > 2.5, ≤3.0 DD ≥ 2.5 , ≤ 5.0 E, NDP4
Band 5 DD > 3.0, ≤5.0 DD ≥ 3.0 , ≤ 6.5 D, T2K L3, NDP5, NDP6, U13 NDP7, U11 NDP8, U11 WAGC
Band 6 DD > 5.0, ≤ 6.5 DD > 5.0, ≤ 8.5 C, T2K L2, O12 NDP7, O10/U17 NDP8
Band 7 FIG No restriction B+, T2K L1, O16 NDP8

Tariff will be awarded for band 3 upwards.  (This subject to committee review) 


In order to promote participation in the discipline of Double Mini Trampoline at the Trampoline East Regional Championships, this competition will have a different format to that of the Regional Qualification events held in February and March.

Some clubs have expressed that the prescriptive nature of the National Development Plan levels for DMT has prevented some of their gymnasts from competing so far this year. In response to this Phil has devised a competition format comprising entirely voluntary passes, with bands of degree of difficulty (DD) determining which group a gymnast should enter.

Competing a pass that does not fall within the band entered (either too high, or too low) will incur a penalty of 0.5 from each execution judge.

Band 1 max DD of 0.7 in each pass
Band 2 DD of between 0.6 – 1.3 in each pass (every pass must contain a somersault)
Band 3 DD of between 1.2 – 2.2 in each pass
Band 4 DD of between 2.1 – 4.4 in each pass
Band 5 minimum DD of 4.3 in each pass

Fenland Competition & Trampoline Squad update

Fenland Flyers Open – 14th June 2015

Fenland-FlyersFenland Flyers will be holding an Open Competition on 14th June 2015 at the Thomas Clarkson Academy, Corporation Road, Wisbech, PE13 2SE.  Entry fee will be £7.50 and the closing date for entries 23rd May. Entry forms will come out nearer the time but any clubs thinking they will, or will not, enter, early advice to Adele would be appreciated – email fenlandflyers@hotmail.co.uk.

Competition groups will be:

  • Regional Grades – C to H
  • TPD categories
  • Novice

… with trophies for 1st 3 places and medals for winning teams.

Novice routine will be:

  1. Straddle
  2. Seat landing
  3. To feet
  4. Tuck jump
  5. Half twist jump
  6. Pike jump
  7. Seat landing
  8. Half twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. Full twist

Squad Update

The final squad date for the year has now been set so the remaining squad dates are:

  • 24th May,
  • 21st June,
  • 19th July.

A revised download of known events for 2015 is available here:


BG Regional Clinic 1

BG Performance Pathway Regional ClinicBG Regional Clinic 1

Part of BG’s Pathway Programme, this clinic runs on 8th March between 9am – 4:30pm at Hitchin Boys School with the following objectives:

  • Develop understanding of GBR Competition & Squad programmes
  • Understand and construct an annual periodised plan in conjunction with our system
  • Each coach will have a bespoke annual periodised plan with session outlines for the 3 main meso cycles & measureable goals set for 2015.
  • Coaches will look into ‘load management’ for elite trampoline gymnastics.

These clinics cost £15 and can be booked through – http://www.british-gymnastics.org/course/17371/performance-pathway-coaching-clinic – up to 30 spaces are available.

Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway will identify talented trampolinists early.   Clinics will help Club coaches to assimilate new practices, techniques and training principles.



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