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Upcoming Competitions & Events

Competitions and other events we know about are as follows, click here for documents related to regional events:

Open Competitions

Open competitions will normally be run using the East Region Open Structure allowing competitors following either grades or NDP to compete alongside each other.

Outline of the East Region Open Structure

  1. Grades will be defined according to the difficulty score of the set routine.
  2. In the case of NDP Routines, the set will be the 1st Routine, i.e. Compulsory A, where there are two set routines.
  3. In order to map onto existing regional championship perpetual trophies we will have the same number of levels as the original grading system.
  4. Set routines must be either a recognized NDP or Trampoline East Grading routine with the entry form making clear which format is being used by each competitor (other set routines, e.g. London Region, may be accepted at the organizer’s discretion although full details will be required for tariff judges & chairs).
  5. Voluntary routines are a free choice (i.e. no mandated repeat of a set, or Compulsory B), but must be within the tariff constraints which are intended to permit a routine that could be the next higher set whilst discouraging a ‘simpler’ routine (the minimum in each case could be ‘repeat of set’ of course).  Failure to adhere to the minimum limits will result in a 0.5 deduction per judge, routines exceeding the maximum will be capped.
  6. Tariff will be awarded from Band 3 upwards.
  7. All incomplete routines will receive a score reflecting the number of moves completed.
  8. The agreed bands based on tariff ranges are as follows:

Individual trampoline

The Mapped Routines column is intended only for guidance, the defining requirement will be the difficulty of the declared set routine.

Grade Set Range Voluntary Range Mapped Routines
Band N Novice Novice See below.   (Optional Band)
Band 0 DD <0.7 DD ≤1.0 I, Club1  (Optional Band)
Band 1 DD ≥ 0.7, ≤1.0 DD ≥ 0.7 , ≤ 2.5 H, Club2
Band 2 DD ≥ 1.0, ≤1.5 DD ≥ 1.0 , ≤ 2.5 G, Club3, NDP1
Band 3 DD > 1.5, ≤2.5 DD ≥ 1.5 , ≤ 3.0 F, NDP2, NDP3
Band 4 DD > 2.5, ≤3.0 DD ≥ 2.5 , ≤ 5.0 E, NDP4
Band 5 DD > 3.0, ≤5.0 DD ≥ 3.0 , ≤ 6.5 D, T2K L3, NDP5, NDP6,  NDP/FIG Performance *
Band 6 DD > 5.0, ≤ 6.5 DD > 5.0, ≤ 8.5 C, T2K L2, NDP/FIG Performance *
Band 7 DD > 6.5 No restriction B+, T2K L1, NDP/FIG Performance *

*NB if an NDP/FIG Performance competitor’s routines clearly fit into either Band 5, 6 or 7 please enter them accordingly, if they can’t please contact the Competition Organizer to discuss options.

No Tariff will be awarded for starred moves in Set Routines, but such moves may be reused in the voluntary.  No bonus points will be awarded for optional set routine moves.

Tariff will be awarded for voluntary routines from Band 3 upwards.

Some organisers may wish to add a Novice Band with the following routine:

  1. Straddle
  2. Seat landing
  3. to feet
  4. Tuck
  5. 1/2 twist
  6. Pike
  7. Seat Landing
  8. 1/2 twist to feet
  9. Tuck
  10. Full twist


In order to promote participation in the discipline of Double Mini Trampoline at the Trampoline East Regional Championships, this competition will have a different format to that of the Regional Qualification events.

Some clubs have expressed that the prescriptive nature of the National Development Plan levels for DMT has prevented some of their gymnasts from competing so far this year. In response to this Phil has devised a competition format comprising entirely voluntary passes, with bands of degree of difficulty (DD) determining which group a gymnast should enter.

Competing a pass that falls below the lower limit will result in a deduction of 0.5 from each execution judge, passes exceeding the limit will be capped.

Band 1 max DD of 0.7 in each pass
Band 2 DD of between 0.6 – 1.3 in each pass (every pass must contain a somersault)
Band 3 DD of between 1.2 – 2.2 in each pass
Band 4 DD of between 2.1 – 4.4 in each pass
Band 5 minimum DD of 4.3 in each pass

Any questions about competitions to competitions@trampoline-east.org.

Competition Downloads will all be posted in the relevant year page in the menu above under Competitions.

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