Putting the bounce back into the East Region

Competitions 2014

As documents become available for each competition this year they will be posted below:

Brentwood Gradings – 25/26 January

  • Brentwood NDP Results 25-Jan-14 (21 entries)
  • Brentwood Regional Grading Results 26-Jan-14 (291 entries)
  • The re-validation element of T-Score was not functioning at this competition and for those entering re-validation the results were:
    • Mia Gray                              F              47.0        Not qualified
    • Liam Whistler                     G             21.5        Not qualified
    • Chris Hawkins                    E              50.3        Qualified
    • Kaitlin Constance             F              48.3        Qualified
    • Milly Jay                               F              47.9        Qualified
    • Shane Santa-Rita              F              48.5        Qualified
    • Sophie Young                    G             44.8        Not qualified
  • Following a qualification scores change implemented retrospectively for grade E the following are the updated results: Brentwood Regional Grading Results-26-Jan-14 with E Updated.

Hitchin Gradings – 22/23 February

Cambridge Gradings – 29/30 March

Ipswich DMT – 5 April

Regional Championships, Easton – 22 June

Brentwood Open (H upwards, Grading for regional grades) – 28 September

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