Competitions 2017

Competitions 2017

Regional NDP at Cambridge – 15th January 2017

Range & Conditioning will be running at the January 2017 NDP competition.  Capacity for the R&C panel only allows the top 3 gymnasts in each group who achieve the qualifying (Q) score to be allowed to do R&C. There is not capacity to allow any more from Sunday’s competition nor any from last September’s comp.  These gymnasts should make their way to the R&C area after their group has finished.

The Q score is 42 (without bonuses) for trampolining and varies for each DMT routine. A gymnast only needs to qualify for R&C once, so if they qualify in both TRA and DMT only do R&C for one of them.

R&C will be run again at the March Regional Team Qualifier. At this competition, the top-5 will be eligible, but if someone has already done and passed R&C in January they won’t need to do it again.

Note that gymnasts that achieve the Q score at either the September 2016 comp or January 2017 comp can enter the March Regional Team Qualifier.  They do not need to have done, nor passed, Range and Conditioning to do so.

Regional NDP Semi-Final at Cambridge – 19th March 2017

Fenland Flyers Open – 21st May 2017

Regional Championship – 16th July 2017 – Postponed

Regional NDP Qualifier 1 – 22nd October 2017

Taking place in Cambridge this is the first of 3 qualifying rounds for TRI, TPD & DMT.

Brentwood Open – 26th November 2017