Squad 2016 Trials

By | February 1, 2016

Squad 2016 Trials

Following the invitation to submit names & scores for Squad 2016 we have decided to invite all those submitted to trial on 21st February.  The trials will be split into am and pm sessions.  There is no significance in the allocation to one or the other session apart from ensuring that the furthest clubs are not too inconvenienced by a very early start and so being allocated to pm.

Given this larger than expected trial list, we are able to reduce the normal squad fee to £7.50 for the trial although that is dependant on a substantial number of those invited attending.  Can clubs please confirm attendance of their triallists by lunchtime on Sunday 7th February.  Once we have this confirmation we will be able to confirm the charge.

The Trial

The trial will be used to select two groups on a Tier System.

  • Tier 1 will consist of selected gymnasts who, at trial, demonstrate the ability to develop along a pathway consistent with British Gymnastics strategies.
  • Tier 2 will consist of gymnasts yet to demonstrate the required level, but who, given the opportunity and guidance, could achieve Tier 1 selection in due course.  However, movement either way could be made during the year at the squad coach’s discretion.
  • Both tiers will be of mixed age.

The trials will comprise a general warm up followed by a gymnastics type activity on the floor.  This will be followed by a technical session details of which will be sent to all clubs in due course.

AM Trial List – 9am – 12noon

Colchester School of Gymnastics

  • Ella Copping
  • Eve Hood
  • Harvey Bell
  • Willow Lynch

Sprung Loaded

  • Carter Fenn
  • Gina Atkinson
  • Marshall Frost
  • Stanley Deacon
  • Taylor Adams

Hi Tension

  • Alice Chatters
  • Amber Bradley
  • Freya Williams
  • Hannah Hodgkinson
  • Lily Patrick
  • Mia Gallant
  • Sophie Young


  • Chloe Caley
  • Emma Savill
  • Georgia Tyrrell
  • Holly Watson
  • Jared Smith
  • Jennifer Liu
  • Lilia Kearney
  • Megan Beard
  • Renee Specketer

PM Squad List 12noon – 3pm

Cambridge Cangaroos

  • Abhi Marlow
  • Anya Snook
  • Gabriel Strydom-Green
  • Matthew Burson
  • Rhyannon Kinley
  • Toby Chapman
  • Zach Coggin


  • Carys Verdicchio
  • Chloe Harrison
  • Evie Joseph
  • Hannah Morris
  • Kathryn Marson


  • Imogen Mayhew
  • Max Gaeta


  • Charlotte Warnes
  • Freya Grundy
  • Haidee Spence


  • Harriet Wash
  • Mia Rice

Ministry of Air

  • Joe Taylor
  • Meadow Thomas

Cambourne Comets

  • Georgia Berry
  • Liam Whistler

Loughton Flyers

  • Shannon Waterman


  • Olivia Collier

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