Regional Trampoline Squad 2016

By | December 22, 2015

Regional Trampoline Squad 2016

Having confirmed venue and coach availability, and avoiding as many competitions and other events as possible, we are now able to confirm arrangements for the 2016 Development Squad for trampolining.  All squad sessions will take place at Brentwood School Sports Centre, Middleton Hall Lane, Brentwood, CM15 8EE.


Criteria have been set in order to identify gymnasts who demonstrate the potential to move upwards through the performance pathways and are showing the qualities needed for future years of progressive training and competition.

The selection method will involve the recognition of technical expectations, range and conditioning testing and gymnastic versatility.

Again we will be using an Opportunity Test Day on the 21st February from 9am until 12pm for the Under 14 age group, and then 12pm until 3pm for the Under 18s.  Timings for squad dates will be confirmed in due course as will proposed fees.


Each club may nominate, in rank order, 3 gymnasts per age group (Under 14 and Under 18 in 2016) who meet the criteria.  A further 2 reserve gymnasts, again in rank order, may be nominated per age group who may or may not receive an invite to trial. In all cases the selection criteria must have been met.  Following testing, each group will be reduced to 18 gymnasts.

Gymnasts will be continually assessed and may not be invited to subsequent squads if the squad coaches feel the expectations are too great.

There will be opportunities for entry to the squad throughout the year depending on recognition at competitions and place availability.

Please be advised that the trial is to determine those we feel will add value to the squad process. As such, coaches should not assume scores alone are a guarantee of selection and should, in determining their selection, consider those qualities that underpin future potential.


Criteria are based on minimum grade and 2-round form scores (not including bonus points), in recent competition, as follows:

  • 8-10 NDP 2 or F grade or higher   (45+)
  • 11-12 NDP 4 or E grade or higher  (45+ )
  • 13-14 NDP 5 or D grade or higher  (46+)
  • 15- 17 NDP 6 or C grade or higher  (46+)


  • February 21st – Trials Date,
  • March 6th,
  • April 10th,
  • May 15th &
  • June 12th.

How to Nominate

Coaches should submit their nominees names and competition scores (2015) information by no later than 15th January 2016 to [email protected].

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