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Performance Pathway Symposium

Performance Pathway Symposium

Running on Saturday 16th  & Sunday 17th January 2016  enrolment is now open.

This is a two day event packed full of essential information and technical highlights for every coach of Level 2 qualification upwards.


  • Toni Minichiello                    – Coach to Jessica Ennis-Hill
  • Eddie Van Hoof                      – Head National Coach MAG British Gymnastics
  • Katie Richards                       – Bases Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist
  • Matei Todorov                        – National Coach GB (1987-2009)
  • Niall O’Caroll                       – BSc Mc Sport Psychologist – British Gymnastics
  • English Institute of Sport         – Covering Nutrition, Lifestyle & Physiotherapy



Where is it?

Lilleshall National Sports Centre
Near Newport
TF10 9AT

How can I get there?

Options include:

  • Drive : Parking is available at Lilleshall and free of charge
  • Fly : Birmingham International Airport (42.8 miles away)
  • Train :Telford (A taxi from Telford Station is approx.£10.00)

Where will I stay?

Full Board with regular refreshments are offered and you will either be allocated a single or twin room at Lilleshall National Sports Centre or at the Holiday Inn, Telford International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford TF3 4EH

Why attend?

The TRA & TUM Coaching Symposium theme is -The Coaching Journey –Your Personal Development.  It will offer coaches the opportunity to discover detailed and varied aspects of coaching and challenge personal development.

Sessions will:

  • Cover technical updates
  • Enable networking opportunities and allow the sharing of good practice
  • Provide updates that will aid and enhance future delivery
  • Provide a range of workshop sessions, including: Nutrition, Psychology, Environment & Lifestyle

What is the fee to attend?

£160* including full board and refreshments

*Please note, this fee has been subsidised by the Performance Pathway and offers exceptional value.

How to Book?

You can enrol here to register and pay for your place at the TRA & TUM National Coach Symposium on 16th/17th January 2016.(Alternatively please use the ‘find a course’ section on the British Gymnastics Website).

Please note the closing date: 2nd December 2015

What if I can only attend for 1 day?

We welcome your attendance to this full 2 day experience, however, if you do not require accommodation the fee will be reduced by £30.00. Please email: julie,jenkins@british-gymnastics.org to book your place for the reduced fee before enrolling.


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Performance Pathway update

Performance PathwayPerformance Pathway update

The following has been received from BG:

Trampoline Performance Pathway 2015-2016

What is the Performance Pathway?

Following the success of the first year of the Performance Pathway in Trampolining, British Gymnastics is pleased to announce details of the programme for the coming cycle; October 2015 to June 2016.

The Performance Pathway has been set up by British Gymnastics to support the development of young gymnasts through a series of challenging, educational and engaging training camps based at three High Performance Centres across the country:

  • North England – City of Liverpool Trampoline Club
  • Midlands – Northampton Trampoline Gymnastics Academy
  • South England – OLGA Gymnastics and Trampoline Club

The programme is funded by Sport England and is open to English Gymnasts who have achieved a specific set of performance criteria. If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, please contact your Home Nation Governing body to find out about development opportunities in your areas.

Who can attend?

The Performance Pathway for Trampoline is designed to select gymnasts who are keen to learn and develop into World Class performers. History and evidence has shown us over the years that many of Great Britain’s best young athletes never makes it to senior level, so it can be very difficult to identify which young gymnasts performing well now will ever go on to achieve success. Our programme is designed to pick up some of the best current performers to teach them about all the physical and mental skills they will need for success and guide them on their way to glory. We also try to cater for some of the gymnasts who are not necessarily performing really well in competition YET, but are displaying some of the characteristics that World Class performers show.

Evidence has shown that some of the very best athletes in the world were not that good when they were younger, but they worked really hard and learnt how to be the best. So therefore, our system has two tiers; the first for gymnasts performing well in competition and the second for gymnasts who display characteristics of successful elite performers.

Our Tier One gymnasts will be invited to four training camps at their nearest High Performance Centre between October 2015 and June 2016. Their personal coach will also be invited to attend every session. At each camp, the Pathway coaches will be delivering technical education both for the gymnast and the coach to improve development even further. In addition to these four camps, Tier One gymnasts and their coaches will be invited to three National Performance Pathway overnight camps at the British Gymnastics Lilleshall National Headquarters in Shropshire. Eligibility for selection onto the Performance Pathway Tier One squad is based on the criteria below:

  • Any gymnast who has qualified for the British Championships in 2015 in the following age groups; 9-10 / 11-12 / 13-14* (1st year 13-14’s only).
  • All medallists from NDP 8 National Finals in the following age groups; 9-10 / 11-12.

*Gymnasts who move up to 15-16 in 2016 are not eligible for Performance Pathway Squad selection.

Tier One gymnasts and their coaches will receive their selection letter and information in September 2015.

Our Tier Two gymnasts will be invited to four training camps at their nearest High Performance Centre between October 2015 and June 2016. Their personal coach will also be invited to attend every session. At each camp, the Pathway coaches will be delivering technical education both for the gymnast and the coach to improve development even further. Eligibility for selection onto the Performance Pathway Tier Two squad is based on the criteria below:

  • All finalists from NDP 8 National Finals in the following age groups; 9-10 / 11-12.
  • All medallists from NDP 7 National Finals in the 9-10 age group.
  • Any gymnast from 9-10 / 11-12 / 13-14 (1st year 13-14’s only) who competed in FIG (elite) grades in 2015 and achieved British Championships qualification scores on a minimum of one routine (this could be compulsory, WAGC set or Vol – minimum execution).
  • All qualifiers for NDP 7 and  8 Finals in the following age groups;  NDP 8; 9-10 & 11-12 / NDP 7; 9-10
  • Wildcard Selections – Each Zonal Lead Coach in consultation with the Head National Coach & Head Pathway Coach reserve the right to select any gymnast from any NDP / FIG level based on:
    • A gymnast achieving an exceptional score(s) at a BG sanctioned event.
    • A gymnast who has been ill or injured during the 2015 season.

Tier Two gymnasts and their coaches will receive their selection letter and information in October 2015.

he selection criteria for both tiers outlined above is for initial selection onto the Performance Pathway programme in October 2015. Our Pathway Coaches will be continually monitoring the gymnasts’ progress throughout the course of the year which may result in athletes moving from one tier to another to reflect their current ability.

As much as we wish to be able to support as many gymnasts as possible, we cannot guarantee selection and it will always be subject to the places available in each High Performance Centre and National Pathway camps at Lilleshall, with priority going to gymnasts who have achieved the Tier One standard.

3 x National Pathway Squads (Lilleshall)
4 x Zonal Pathway Squads (North, Midlands or South)

4 x Zonal Pathway Squads (North, Midlands or South)

Coach Education Opportunities

We recognise that in order to raise the domestic level of Trampolining across the country and aspire to be continually producing World and Olympic Champions, we need to provide learning opportunities for both gymnasts and coaches. Therefore, at each of the four Pathway camps based in our three High Performance Centres, there will be a unique opportunity open to any other coaches in the area to attend the camps, irrelevant of whether they have a gymnast on the programme. Information about attending these camps as a coach without a gymnast on the programme will be circulated around the regions and clubs. For more information on 2015-2016 camp dates and booking onto a camp, please contact your nearest Performance Pathway Coordinator:

  • North England – Jonathan McFadden  (jonathan.mcfadden@british-gymnastics.org)
  • Midlands – Jenni Morgan (jenni.morgan@british-gymnastics.org)
  • South England – Julie Jenkins (Julie.jenkins@british-gymnastics.org)

In addition to these technical development opportunities, we will be running a coaching symposium over two days in January 2016 at the British Gymnastics Lilleshall National Headquarters. This is a brand new event specifically created for coaches at the start of a gymnasts’ journey and will offer a whole range of technical and non-technical education sessions. More information about the 2016 Trampoline Coaching Symposium will be circulated in the coming months.

How much will it cost?

High Performance Centre camps (North, Midlands  South)

£25  Performance Pathway Tier One & Tier Two gymnasts

£25 Personal coaches of Performance Pathway gymnasts

£25 Any other coaches wishing to attend

National Performance Pathway overnight camps (Lilleshall)

£100 Performance Pathway Tier One Gymnasts

£75 Personal coaches of Performance Pathway gymnasts

The Performance Pathway Trampoline Team

BG Pathway Manager:   Sarah Benson (sarah.benson@british-gymnastics.org)

BG Performance Manager:  Alan Edge (alan.edge@british-gymnastics.org)

Head National Coach:   Craig Lowther

Head Pathway Coach:   Jay Scouler

North England Pathway Coach: Paul Greaves

North England Assistant Coach: Dan Greaves

North England Coordinator:  Jonathan McFadden

Midlands Pathway Coach:  Harvey Smith

Midlands Assistant Coach:  TBC

Midlands Coordinator:   Jenni Morgan

South England Pathway Coach: Brian Camp

South England Assistant Coach: Mike Wood

South England Coordinator:  Julie Jenkins

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BG Regional Clinic 1

BG Performance Pathway Regional ClinicBG Regional Clinic 1

Part of BG’s Pathway Programme, this clinic runs on 8th March between 9am – 4:30pm at Hitchin Boys School with the following objectives:

  • Develop understanding of GBR Competition & Squad programmes
  • Understand and construct an annual periodised plan in conjunction with our system
  • Each coach will have a bespoke annual periodised plan with session outlines for the 3 main meso cycles & measureable goals set for 2015.
  • Coaches will look into ‘load management’ for elite trampoline gymnastics.

These clinics cost £15 and can be booked through – http://www.british-gymnastics.org/course/17371/performance-pathway-coaching-clinic – up to 30 spaces are available.

Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway will identify talented trampolinists early.   Clinics will help Club coaches to assimilate new practices, techniques and training principles.



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Invitation to May Squads

The squad coaches are inviting the following gymnasts to the upcoming May squads (please see earlier news release for details), being held at Brentwood on Sunday 25th May.

Clubs are asked to confirm intentions to attend to squad@trampoline-east.org as soon as is reasonably possible.

Junior Squad – 9:00 – 11:50am

  • Maddison Merritt – Brentwood;
  • Zara Phillips – Brentwood;
  • Sydney Kelly – Cangaroos;
  • Zach Goggin – Cangaroos;
  • Evie Joseph – Comets;
  • James Able – Comets;
  • Evie Stokes-Shinn – Dimensions;
  • Olivia Collier – Flight;
  • Hannah Hodgkinson – Hi-Tension;
  • Lily Patrick – Hi-Tension;
  • Shannon Waterman – Loughton Flyers;
  • Kendra Sherlock – Recoil;
  • Lauren Bembrick-Taylor – Recoil;
  • Carys Verdicchio – Rotations;
  • Amelia Edbrooke – Sprung Loaded;
  • Gina Atkinson – Sprung Loaded;
  • Freya Grundy – Waveney GC;
  • Haidee Spence – Waveney GC.

Youth Squad – 12:00 – 3:00pm

  • Bex Alexander – Aspire;
  • Georgia Tyrrell – Brentwood;
  • Monica Dowling – Brentwood;
  • Olivia Watson – Brentwood;
  • Susanna Badley – Brentwood;
  • Jordan Broda – Cangaroos;
  • Matthew Burson – Cangaroos;
  • Taranne Kendon – Cangaroos;
  • Trinity Kelly – Cangaroos;
  • Georgia Berry – Comets;
  • Jordan Winter – Comets;
  • Austin Pannell – Dragons;
  • Sam Hodgkinson – Hi-Tension;
  • Thomas Verdicchio – Levitation;
  • Elise Das – Mid Suffolk;
  • Caitlin Houston – Pegasus;
  • Lucy Bevan – Pegasus;
  • Joe Harris – Recoil;
  • Kathryn (Katie) Marson – Rotations;
  • Jasmine Samson – Sprung Loaded;
  • Luke Dewe – Sprung Loaded;
  • Reece Norden – Sprung Loaded.


The order of activity on the day will be as follows:

ActivityJunior SquadYouth Squad
Arrive, check-in8:4511:45
Intro, non-directed warm-up with own coaches9:0012:00
Bed warm-up & jump drills9:1512:15
Refresh session from previous squads9:4012:40
Free training10:301:30
Session review/depart11:45
Session review, equipment clear-down, depart2:45
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2014 Course dates

The following trampoline courses have been planned for 2014.
If you would like information on any of these courses please check out the British Gymnastic website ‘find a course’
If you would like to attend a course but cannot find one listed, please register your interest by using this form.
We are currently arranging a DMT level 1 course for the Region. Please use the form to register your interest in such a course, plus higher level DMT courses so we can gauge the requirements

level 1 – Trampoline – April 13th, May 4th & May 18th – Sawston Sports Centre, Cambridge

Level 3 Module 1 – June 1st – Sawston Sports Centre, Cambridge

Dates TBC:
Level 1 – Trampoline – November/December
Level 2 – Trampoline – September/October
Level 3 Module 1 – Trampoline – October
Level 3 Module 2 – Trampoline – December

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January 2014 Squad Update

Jack Kelly has just confirmed the following schedule for the January 2014 squad this weekend (although please note that the hall booking is only until 3pm so this schedule will be time-adjusted accordingly – please arrange pickups for 3pm):

  • 09.45 – 10.00   Arrival
  • 10.00 – 10.10   Welcome and introduction
  • 10.10 – 10.25   Floor warm up (Directed)
  • 10.25 – 10.40   Trampoline warm up (Directed)
  • 10.40 – 11.10   Jump drills
  • 11.10 – 12.30   Focus on on TEMPO
  • 12.30 – 12.45   Cool down and stretch
  • 12.45 – 13.15   Light lunch/snack (Bring suitable food and beverage)

It should be noted that periodic light snacking can also take place during the morning session without interruption to training.

  • 13.15 – 13.30   Introduction to afternoon session
  • 13.30 – 13.40   Floor warm up (Personal choice)
  • 13.40 – 13.50   Trampoline warm up (Personal choice)
  • 13.50 – 15.40   Working to own planned programme
  • 15.40 – 15.50   Cool down and stretch (Own choice)
  • 15.50 – 16.00   Session appraisal and forward plan.

All squad members must be accompanied by a coach who is used to working with them and we extend an open invitation to any qualified coach wishing to attend for the purpose of expanding their knowledge and understanding of Trampoline Gymnastics.

Squad attendees

The following are confirmed attendees, please advise us if any are no longer able to attend:


  • Josh Long
  • Bex Alexander


  • Monica Dowling
  • Zara Philips
  • Olivia Watson
  • Charlotte Nash De Villiers
  • Georgie Tyrrell
  • Maddie Merritt


  • Matthew Burson
  • Trinity Kelly
  • Taranne Kendon
  • Jordon Brioda
  • Zach Goggins
  • Mila Feldman
  • Ashlea Burke
  • Lois McGuire


  • Evie Joseph
  • James Able
  • Georgia Berry


  • Austin Pannell

Mid Suffolk

  • Elise Das

Hi Tension

  • Lily Patrick                                  WC
  • Hannah Hodgkinson                  WC


  • Lucy Bevan
  • Ellen Prior
  • Jasmin Samson
  • Caitlin Houston

Sprung Loaded

  • Reece Nordon
  • Issy Gibbons
  • Gina Atkinson                    WC
  • Mia Edbrook                      WC
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Proposed Course dates for 2013

Below are the proposed dates for coaching courses in the region. The majority of the ones listed are taking place at Sawston Sports Centre, Cambridge.
For full details of each course, please contact Michelle Ellis, Regional Work-Force Co-ordinator, East region michelle.ellis@british-gymnastics.org.

Please note, the proposed DMT course has had to be cancelled as British Gymnastics is in the process of reviewing all aspects of the course in preperation for a relaunch.
We will announce dates for a range of DMT courses in the region as soon as the new courses are available.

In the meantime we recomend that you register your interest in these DMT courses or any level of course at the following



JanuarySaturday Sunday 
 12th13thUKCC technical up-date day
 19th20thZonal Schools
March16th17thLevel  2 Day 1
April6th7thLevel  2 Day 2
 27th28thLevel  2 Day 3
May4th5thLevel  3 Module 1
 18th19thL1 Assessment
June1st2ndLevel  2 Day 4
 8th9thLevel  2 Day 5
29th30thLevel  1 day 1
July13th14thLevel 3 M?
 20th21stLevel 1 Day 2
 27th28thLevel 1 Day 3
September1stLevel 3 M?
 7thTutor Conference8thTutor Conference
 14th15thL2 AssessmentLevel  2 Day 1
 28th29thLevel  2 Day 2
October5th6thLevel 2 Day 3
 19th20thLevel  1 Day 1
November2nd3rdLevel 2 Day 4
 9th10thLevel 2 Day 5
 16th17thLevel 1 Day 2
 23rd24thLevel 1 Day 3
December1stLevel 3 M?
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