Proposed Course dates for 2013

By | November 18, 2012

Below are the proposed dates for coaching courses in the region. The majority of the ones listed are taking place at Sawston Sports Centre, Cambridge.
For full details of each course, please contact Michelle Ellis, Regional Work-Force Co-ordinator, East region [email protected].

Please note, the proposed DMT course has had to be cancelled as British Gymnastics is in the process of reviewing all aspects of the course in preperation for a relaunch.
We will announce dates for a range of DMT courses in the region as soon as the new courses are available.

In the meantime we recomend that you register your interest in these DMT courses or any level of course at the following


JanuarySaturday Sunday 
 12th13thUKCC technical up-date day
 19th20thZonal Schools
March16th17thLevel  2 Day 1
April6th7thLevel  2 Day 2
 27th28thLevel  2 Day 3
May4th5thLevel  3 Module 1
 18th19thL1 Assessment
June1st2ndLevel  2 Day 4
 8th9thLevel  2 Day 5
29th30thLevel  1 day 1
July13th14thLevel 3 M?
 20th21stLevel 1 Day 2
 27th28thLevel 1 Day 3
September1stLevel 3 M?
 7thTutor Conference8thTutor Conference
 14th15thL2 AssessmentLevel  2 Day 1
 28th29thLevel  2 Day 2
October5th6thLevel 2 Day 3
 19th20thLevel  1 Day 1
November2nd3rdLevel 2 Day 4
 9th10thLevel 2 Day 5
 16th17thLevel 1 Day 2
 23rd24thLevel 1 Day 3
December1stLevel 3 M?

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