Putting the bounce back into the East Region


Squad criteria changes, open to more clubs

Why change squad criteria?

The squad director & coach have been considering the large numbers who became eligible for the last squad.  In this light, they have tried to find a way of ensuring a manageable squad whilst trying to provide the broadest possible scope for all clubs in the region to participate.  For this reason the following criteria will be applied to the February squad although, following that, may be reviewed further.

Revised squad criteria

You are advised to read this carefully as there is an important change involved. Gymnasts are eligible to attend as follows:
  1. Aged 17 years or under on 31st December 2014; and
  2. Competed at C, or above, last season; or
  3. Qualified to C last season but did not compete due to the change in competition structure; and
  4. Emailed application to be received by email (squad@trampoline-east.org) by Friday 24th January

Important new provision to broaden scope:

In addition it has been decided that in line with the policy to include a coach education element during squad sessions, any club in the region affiliated to the ECGA and not already represented (as above), may send one coach and one gymnast (the gymnast’s standard to be determined by the club in question).   Please be sure to notify the names of gymnast and coach by the closing date above.

If places on the squad session remain available after applying the above criteria, the Regional Squad Coach will invite appropriate ‘wild card’ gymnasts.

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Squad criteria 2014

The first East Region Squad session for 2014 will be held at Brentwood on 12th January starting at 10am.  Eligible gymnasts will be under 17 and qualified at Regional D, Nat C and Nat B using 2013 criteria, if you have such gymnasts please nominate them (with relevant details) by email to squad@trampoline-east.org as soon as possible.

There will be a maximum of 24 places on the squad but if the number of applicants exceeds availability then an assessment process will take place during the first squad session.  In order to identify the gymnasts most likely to obtain long term benefit from squad membership, the following squad criteria will be broadly applied.

Squad Criteria

  1. Evidence of previous engagement with the squad activities eg. Compliance with the testing procedures, recognisable technical changes made following squad sessions etc.
  2. Preference is likely to favour younger gymnasts who have  a long term future within the squad.
  3. Evidence of personal coach engagement with the technical messages being delivered during previous squad training.
  4. Ability to demonstrate progress on attainment of ‘top’ within the execution of basic skills.
  5. Evidence of skill flexibility i.e. absence of apparent ‘hang-ups’ or move issues.
  6. Evidence of trampoline-related physical conditioning.

It must be stressed that these criteria will only be required if numbers of applicants exceed available spaces.

Open Invitation to coaches

Like last year, all coaches within the region, whether or not they have a gymnast on the squad, are invited to attend squad training as part of their continuing coach development.  We hope there will a be a significant response to this invitation as one of the squad aims is to raise coaching standards in addition to the level of gymnast performance.

Jack Kelly & Paul Kitchen
December 2013

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Regional Squad Announcement for 17th March

Below is the confirmed list of attendees at the Regional Squad being held at Brentwood Trampoline Club between 10am – 3pm on Sunday 17th March (the wearing of shamrocks is optional  😎 ).

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, owing to available numbers at Fig and Nat C there will be no wildcard spaces available at this squad although, coaches, we do still expect testing results for those who have attended previously.

Please note that Jack & Paul may have to impose further selection criteria either for the remaining Squads in May and June or from the onset of next season.


Clubs without attendees are welcome to send coaches and those on the development pathway towards becoming one.  In fact, the more coaches attending the happier Jack & Paul will be!

Regional Squad is on St Patrick's Day

James Able Cambourne
Hannah Blake Cambourne
Evie Joseph Cambourne
Georgia Berry Cambourne
Tate Tucker Cambourne
Reece Norden Sprung Loaded
Gemma Burgess Sprung Loaded
Luke Dewe Sprung Loaded
Susanna Badley Brentwood
Georgie  Tyrell Brentwood
Faith Everett Brentwood
Caitlin Houston Pegasus
Shelby Skeggs Pegasus
Jasmin Samson Pegasus
Lucy Bevan Pegasus
Thomas Verdiccio Levitation
Nathan  Lunniss Levitation
Matthew Burson Cangaroos
Taranne Kendon Cangaroos
Austin Pannell Dragons
Sam Nightingale Hi Tension
Trevyn Holland Ministry of Air
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Squad programme 10th February 2013

The programme for the squad on this date will comprise:

09.45  Arrive
10.00  Welcome and introduction
10.10  Outline of squad aims and processes
10.30  Floor warm up (Directed)
10.40  Tramp warm up (Directed)
11.00  Drill session
12.00  Application of drilled techniques to set routines
13.00  Lunch ( Coaches and gymnasts bring packed lunch)
13.30  Floor/Tramp warm up (Own choice)
13.45  Application of drilled techniques to vols
14.45  Cool down/stretch
15.00  Closing remarks

Please ensure that all performers arrive with their coach, training diaries and payment of £15 (cheques payable to ECGA).

Following yesterdays grading competition, we have now updated the list of gymnasts eligible for inclusion into the squad based on this years criteria as follows:

Abigail Clarke Pegasus
Austin Pannell Dragons
Bex Alexander Cambridge Aspire *
Caitlin Houston Pegasus
Eitan Robinson Brentwood *
Ethan Nightingale Hi Tension *
Evie Joseph Cambourne Comets *
Faith Everett Brentwood
Georgia Berry Cambourne Comets
Georgie  Tyrell Brentwood
Hannah Blake Cambourne Comets
Harry Mallows Cambridge Cangaroos *
James Able Cambourne Comets
Joe Harris Team Twisters
Kendra Sherlock Team Twisters *
Lauren Bembrick Taylor Team Twisters
Matthew Burson Cambridge Cangaroos
Maddison Merritt Brentwood
Mila Feldman Cambridge Cangaroos *
Monica Dowling Brentwood *
Nathan  Lunniss Levitation
Owen Francis Team Twisters *
Sam Nightingale Hi Tension *
Shelby Skeggs Pegasus
Susanna Badley Brentwood
Taranne Kendon Cambridge Cangaroos
Tate Tucker Cambourne Comets
Thomas Verdiccio Levitation
Victoria Bramble Brentwood
* – denotes wildcard
Please confirm attendance (or not) as soon as possible to Jack & Paul – squad@trampoline-east.org
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Squad selection for 10th February

We are still awaiting decisions at a national level that will impact how we need to make selections for our regional squad. Nevertheless we need to prepare and look forward to the forthcoming season and so we must make some attempt to guess and prepare accordingly.  We are assuming that most currently involved in National squad structures will no longer be, and that we will need to cater for those displaced in our thinking.

We also think that we will continue to see more and more gymnasts achieving the current selection criteria which is a good thing other than for purposes of trying to run an effective squad system which requires that numbers be manageable.  This must be addressed and simplified, and so at least for the first Squad in February we are asking coaches to submit the names of all U17 gymnasts who are eligible to compete in the Gillingham Gala. Any that qualify at the Brentwood Grading on the 3rd of February will be considered by the Regional Coaches prior to the 10th.

We will also wish to continue with our policy of wild card selections; a non measurable approach which allows us to recognise younger gymnasts who, along with their coaches, show attributes which will hopefully raise the bar for the future of the Region.  These are not necessarily permanent places as we would prefer to reach as many as possible who tick the right boxes.

Details of the timetable for the 10th February will be posted here shortly.

Jack & Paul (squad@trampoline-east.org)

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Jack’s review of squad test results

The table of test results is proving to be a revealing exercise and we trust coaches will look at the relative performances of their gymnasts.  You will recall we have stated that the work we do at squad sessions is not the work which will deliver results …………… that comes from the gymnast working on the right things during club training but applying the principles we have introduced at squad.  As you can see (table below showing only those who attended both squads to date) we have started monitoring each squad member’s progress through a few basic tests and will continue to do so as well as track scores at competition.  All these measures will be used to assess the currency of each gymnast’s membership of the squad.  We are serious about raising the standard of the Eastern region and this process will assist us greatly.

Name 10BT 30BT Pos Ded (F) Pos Ded (B) Drill Drill %
Faith Everett 17.12 17.45 46.53 48.28 0 0 3 23 17.03 98%
James Able 15.38 15.25 40.85 44.25 0 0 1 18 15.63 102%
Rebecca Shaw 18.53 18.25 51.56 51.25 0 3 10 4 18.00 99%
Thomas Verdicchio 16.97 17.00 48.25 46.50 0 0 4 19 16.34 96%
Lauren Sadler 18.53 18.63 52.81 51.91 1 4 6 18 18.34 98%
Lucy Bevan 18.72 19.07 53.69 54.86 2 5 1 12 18.03 95%
Naomi Waldcock 18.97 18.69 53.44 53.66 2 2 2 17 17.81 95%
Holy Felstead (wc) 14.40 14.78 40.10 39.16 0 1 0 6 14.44 98%
Nuala McGrath (wc) 14.28 15.35 42.10 44.65 0 8 0 0 15.34 100%

We will be expect to see an overall increase in jump times which should be the result of correct work done during club training.  Of course this may not produce a continuous upward curve but the overall trend should be upward.

The deductions for accuracy give serious cause for concern in that huge numbers are being shown for backward faults.  There is no doubt this comes from gymnasts being allowed to jump behind the cross.  They like to “see” the cross which means they are not “on” the cross.  I hope you can all work on this by helping the gymnast to pick up an alternative sighting point e.g. the red line at the front of the meter box.  There needs to be a positive mind and vision shift to overcome this problem which, trust me will cause difficulties eventually as the gymnast makes progress.  It was encouraging to see the high scores for height on the test drill relative to 10 bounce jump height …….. well done!  But of course we won’t be satisfied until we see the ten jump time and the accuracy score rise followed by a maintenance of the drill time!  Keep working on it!

If any coach would like advice on how to improve their scores please contact me and I’ll try to help jackkelly1010@btinternet.com

Many thanks

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Regional Squad Day – Testing Outcomes

Squad Day – 1st April

The following table shows the testing outcomes for the two main tests undertaken which were as follows:

  • Ten bounces from a ‘flying start’ recorded in seconds (10BT).
  • Thirty bounces from a ‘dead bed’ recorded in seconds (30BT) and also recording forward (Pos Ded (F)) and backward (Pos Ded (B)) movement along the bed outside a notional ‘metre box’ around the cross.
Name Club Present 10BT 30BT Pos Ded (F) Pos Ded (B)
Naomi Waldock Levitation Y  18.97 53.44 2 2
Nathan Lunniss Levitation *
Caitlin Houston Pegasus *
Eliana Cuifo Pegasus Y  17.00 (E) 49.44 3 0
Lucy Bevan Pegasus Y  18.72 53.69 2 1
Kensie Sherlock Brentwood Y  *  *
Lucy Phillips Brentwood Y  17.44 47.63 0 0
Lauren Michaels Brentwood Y  17.19 48.50 0 9
Faith Everett Brentwood Y  17.12 46.53 0 3
Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood *
Kendra Sherlock Brentwood Y 16.06 45.90 0 3
Maddison Merritt Brentwood *
Joe Harris Brentwood Y  16.94 49.19 1 5
Jonathan Gibbs Brentwood *
Matthew Burson Cangaroos Y 17.40 45.25 2 3
Thomas Verdicchio Cangaroos Y  16.97 48.25 0 4
Rebecca Shaw Aspire Y  18.53 51.56 0 10
Tate Tucker Aspire Y  * *
James Able Aspire Y  15.38 40.85 0 1
Georgia Berry Aspire *
Lucy Forsdyke Loughton  Y  17.28 49.21 0 1
Lauren Sadler Ipswich Four  Y  18.53 52.81 1 6
Holly Felstead Westcliff Y  14.40 40.10 0 0
Nuala McGrath Westcliff Y  14.28 42.10 0 0
Clinton Elmes Dimensions *


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Regional Squad day – Final selection & timetable

Paul Kitchen & Graham Parker have released the following details about the upcoming squad day on 1st April at Brentwood.

Dear Gymnast/ Coach,

Welcome to the first Squad of 2012 and congratulations on achieving the criteria for selection. Undoubtedly this is a result of the hard work and dedication you and your coach put into our sport, and with the help of everyone, it is our desire to forge a way forward, raising the bar within the region.

We feel it will be the collective efforts of dedicated individuals that will cause this, so ask each and every one of you to arrive on the 1st April ready to become a better Trampoline Gymnast and/or Coach and with your feedback we can deliver squad days that truly reflect a developing region for many years to come.

Please remember to bring your cheque (payable to ECGA) or cash to the sum of £15 per squad member to contribute to the cost of this squad day.

Squad  Members

Naomi Waldock Levitation
Nathan Lunniss Levitation *
Caitlin Houston Pegasus *
Eliana Cuifo Pegasus
Lucy Bevan Pegasus
Kensie Sherlock Brentwood
Lucy Phillips Brentwood
Lauren Michaels Brentwood
Faith Everett Brentwood
Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood *
Kendra Sherlock Brentwood
Maddison Merritt Brentwood *
Joe Harris Brentwood
Jonathan Gibbs Brentwood *
Matthew Burson Cangaroos
Thomas Verdicchio Cangaroos
Rebecca Shaw Aspire
Tate Tucker Aspire
James Able Aspire
Georgia Berry Aspire *
Lucy Forsdyke Loughton
Lauren Sadler Ipswich Four
Holly Felstead Westcliff wc
Nuala McGrath Westcliff wc
Clinton Elmes Dimensions *

*Injured/holiday.    wc – wildcard

Regional Squad Timetable

10:00 am Registration and Introductions.

10:15 am Dynamic Warm Up  Gymnasts only.

Coach Corner.           Coaches with Jack.

10:45 am – Technical Priority – TOP and its relevance to Time Of Flight

11:45 am – Cool Down – Lunch Break.

12:30 pm – Dynamic Warm Up.

12.45 pm – Free Training plus Testing – emphasis on TOP as in Technical Priorities.

– Timed jumping for height and accuracy.

2.15 pm – A look at physical testing.

2:30 pm – Cool Down.

2.45 pm – Plenary session.

3:00 pm – Depart.

Every squad member must have a coach present with them on the day.

Please bring your own food/refreshments.  The centre has a water drinking fountain available in the fitness Gym.  Vending machines for snacks are available.

Training diaries are required.

Can we ask all coaches to familiarise themselves with BG’s Technical Priorities and in particular Jacks articles on Top related topics of which there are several.


Paul .

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Regional Squad Selection Update

Since posting the Regional Squad Criteria we have now reviewed both the Brentwood Grading competition and Hatfield Gala.  We have made a draft selection of performers whom we hope we will be asking to attend the first squad training session to be held at Brentwood School Sports Centre on Sunday April 1st 2012, 10am till 3pm and this will be posted in draft form on this site shortly.

Please note that we intend to review the Saffron Walden Grading and Bath Gala before we announce the final squad just one week prior to the squad training day.  The reason for this is that the squad day is just one week after the next grading and we would like the best performing squad possible, therefore there may be performers listed in the draft squad who may not make the final selection squad.  Our apologies for this if it affects a member of your club but it is essential our squad is based upon performance quality with an eye towards a performance pathway over the long term.

We intend to review all future competition results and there may be performers invited to one squad who will not make subsequent squads, some may be invited for experience as wildcards to offer a direction for their personal training programs with the aim that they successfully make future squads on merit. The emphasis will be on maintaining and improving training/competition measures as well as results so that the squad is progressive.

We have made one amendment to the criteria posted determined from our analysis, the Grade D total score has been lifted to 48.7  from 48.5.   We look forward to your support for the squad and would appreciate it if you could provisionally confirm your performers will be available for the squad and let us know if you have anyone else you expect to achieve the criteria over the next two competitions?  Further announcements will be posted soon regarding the squad session timetable and measurement exercises.

Graham Parker
Paul Kitchen

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Eastern Regional Development Squad Selection Criteria



The 2012/2013 Eastern Regional Development Squad (ERDS) will be selected according to the criteria listed below.  Trampoline gymnasts selected will be given the opportunity to attend squad sessions and events, undertaking a programme of activity deemed suitable to prepare gymnasts for possible entry to the National Excel Squad and beyond.

The criteria have been set to identify trampolinists at National level plus Regional D.  The squad coaches reserve the right to include up to 3 wildcard entrants from any level whom they deem would benefit from being on the performance pathway, these wildcards may vary from squad session to session with the view that over time they might deliver performances that merit a squad place.

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