Eastern Regional Development Squad Selection Criteria

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The 2012/2013 Eastern Regional Development Squad (ERDS) will be selected according to the criteria listed below.  Trampoline gymnasts selected will be given the opportunity to attend squad sessions and events, undertaking a programme of activity deemed suitable to prepare gymnasts for possible entry to the National Excel Squad and beyond.

The criteria have been set to identify trampolinists at National level plus Regional D.  The squad coaches reserve the right to include up to 3 wildcard entrants from any level whom they deem would benefit from being on the performance pathway, these wildcards may vary from squad session to session with the view that over time they might deliver performances that merit a squad place.

The criteria identify individuals with future potential using a selection method based on recognition of the technical expectations, a competitive overall score, a consistent routine completion rate and a proven upward pathway in development.

In addition there will be an experienced team applying subjective criteria to ensure that squad members are mentally and physically robust (by taking into consideration all the personal attributes listed under number 5 of the criteria that have been identified as important factors in the developmental process for the acquisition of Super-Regional or National Development Squad status).

By applying these criteria, squad selection is designed to identify those with Super-Regional or National Development Excel Squad potential and beyond with potential for future competitive success, not just those who may currently be competing/medalling at National C.  These may not be one and the same and this possible differential is important for coaches to recognise.  Any performers already included in squads above regional level will NOT be included in these squads.

A named, suitably qualified secondary coach with good knowledge and a working relationship with the Squad member must attend each squad session in the event of non attendance by the Squad member’s personal coach.

The squad will consist of a maximum of 20 members.  We expect numbers to be low in the first instance but anticipate they will grow as targets are worked towards and achieved throughout the 2012 competition season and beyond.

We are fortunate to have Jack Kelly working with us in a consultancy role.  His current work with the National Excel program will be an invaluable addition to the program we hope to develop over the next few years.

The squad will be selected using the following criteria:


  • From 10 years old in the year of competition
  • Upper age limit – 17 years old
  • Gender split discretionary – None


  • All 2011 National competitors (provided they are aged 17 and under in 2012 are invited to the 1st squad day on 1st April 2012 (to be confirmed).   This excludes those gymnasts currently selected for the National Excel program.  Should their inclusion in the squad cease, they will automatically be selected for the Regional Squad.
  • To stay in the squad and be invited to the 2nd squad day in May 2012 (dates to be confirmed) they will be required to have met the criteria displayed below in a 2012 Gala event before the Squad day in May 2012. (dates to be confirmed)
  • This will also apply to the June squad day.
  • If 2011 squad members are unable to compete at Gala events due to injury, they can remain in the Squad until they return to competition fitness and subsequently achieve the required criteria.
  • New intake of squad members will be continuous throughout the 2012 Gala season and may consist of Regional D who are identified as potential squad members should they achieve qualification to Nat C.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the below criteria accordingly dependant on the numbers achieving selection. They reflect other regions criteria but may prove to be too high.


To have competed in the 2011 National season or Regional assessments, and in the 2012 season, score in the same event, a set of preliminary scores as follows:-

  • 22.5 compulsory routine form score.
  • 21.5 voluntary routine form score.
  • Girls overall score 52.5 (inc. difficulty)
  • Boys overall score 54.0 (inc. difficulty)
 National C
  • 23.0 compulsory routine form score
  • 21.5 voluntary routine form score
  • Girls overall score 53.0 (inc. difficulty)
  • Boys overall score 54.5 (inc. difficulty)
  • 22.0 compulsory routine form score
  • 21.5 voluntary routine form score
  • Boys and Girls overall score 51.5 (inc. difficulty)
 National C
  • 22.5 compulsory routine form score.
  • 21.5 voluntary routine form score.
  • Boys and Girls overall score 53
U13National C
  • 22.00 compulsory routine form score
  • 21.5 voluntary routine form score
  • Boys and Girls overall score 51
 Regional D
  • 48.5 overall score or eligible for a bounce off
  • 22.5 Compulsory routine score

Wildcards:  Up to 3 per session at Squad Coaches discretion.

All ‘Overall’ scores must be attained in the same event as the compulsory & voluntary scores are achieved


Competition consistency rate will become a major consideration for inclusion in subsequent squad selection policies.


A non measurable expert assessment of:

  • movement vocabulary,
  • fear factors,
  • motivational factors,
  • behaviour and responses to pressure,
  • body management,
  • age,
  • body composition,
  • aesthetics,
  • support systems,
  • potential, and
  • work ethic etc.


Graham Parker

Paul Kitchen

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