Jack’s review of squad test results

By | August 24, 2012

The table of test results is proving to be a revealing exercise and we trust coaches will look at the relative performances of their gymnasts.  You will recall we have stated that the work we do at squad sessions is not the work which will deliver results …………… that comes from the gymnast working on the right things during club training but applying the principles we have introduced at squad.  As you can see (table below showing only those who attended both squads to date) we have started monitoring each squad member’s progress through a few basic tests and will continue to do so as well as track scores at competition.  All these measures will be used to assess the currency of each gymnast’s membership of the squad.  We are serious about raising the standard of the Eastern region and this process will assist us greatly.

Name10BT30BTPos Ded (F)Pos Ded (B)DrillDrill %
Faith Everett17.1217.4546.5348.280032317.0398%
James Able15.3815.2540.8544.250011815.63102%
Rebecca Shaw18.5318.2551.5651.250310418.0099%
Thomas Verdicchio16.9717.0048.2546.500041916.3496%
Lauren Sadler18.5318.6352.8151.911461818.3498%
Lucy Bevan18.7219.0753.6954.862511218.0395%
Naomi Waldcock18.9718.6953.4453.662221717.8195%
Holy Felstead (wc)14.4014.7840.1039.16010614.4498%
Nuala McGrath (wc)14.2815.3542.1044.65080015.34100%

We will be expect to see an overall increase in jump times which should be the result of correct work done during club training.  Of course this may not produce a continuous upward curve but the overall trend should be upward.

The deductions for accuracy give serious cause for concern in that huge numbers are being shown for backward faults.  There is no doubt this comes from gymnasts being allowed to jump behind the cross.  They like to “see” the cross which means they are not “on” the cross.  I hope you can all work on this by helping the gymnast to pick up an alternative sighting point e.g. the red line at the front of the meter box.  There needs to be a positive mind and vision shift to overcome this problem which, trust me will cause difficulties eventually as the gymnast makes progress.  It was encouraging to see the high scores for height on the test drill relative to 10 bounce jump height …….. well done!  But of course we won’t be satisfied until we see the ten jump time and the accuracy score rise followed by a maintenance of the drill time!  Keep working on it!

If any coach would like advice on how to improve their scores please contact me and I’ll try to help [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]

Many thanks

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