Regional Squad Day – Testing Outcomes

By | August 16, 2012

Squad Day – 29th July

The following table shows the testing outcomes for the three main tests undertaken which were as follows:

  • Ten bounces from a ‘flying start’ recorded in seconds (10BT).
  • Thirty bounces from a ‘dead bed’ recorded in seconds (30BT) and also recording forward (Pos Ded (F)) and backward (Pos Ded (B)) movement along the bed outside a notional ‘metre box’ around the cross.
  • A drill of nine shaped and one straight jump with an aim of achieving better than 95% height retention against 10BT
NameClub10BT30BTPos Ded (F)Pos Ded (B)DrillDrill %
Georgia TyrrellBrentwood15.9845.503415.4797%
Shelby SkeggsPegasus17.3449.972816.7697%
Lucy BevanPegasus19.0754.8651218.0395%
Caitlin HoustonPegasus18.8154.4411818.0396%
Lauren SadlerIpswich Four18.6351.9141818.3498%
Tate TuckerCambourne Comets18.6649.5301018.3898%
James AbleCambourne Comets15.2544.2501815.63102%
Clinton ElmesDimensions19.4856.253819.0398%
Naomi WaldcockSprung Loaded18.6953.6621717.8195%
Gemma BurgessSprung Loaded
Nuala McGrathWestcliff15.3544.658015.34100%
Holy FelsteadWestcliff14.7839.161614.4498%
Rebecca ShawCambourne Comets18.2551.253418.0099%
Georgia BerryCambourne Comets15.8843.164115.5098%
Thomas VerdicchioCangaroos17.0046.5001916.3496%
Faith EverettBrentwood17.4548.2802317.0398%

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