Zonal Schools Results

By | January 10, 2015

Zonal Schools results

The following qualified to the National Schools Finals from the Zonal round held at Cambridge University Sports Centre today (detailed results below).  The National Finals are being held on 14th March 2015 at:

Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre.
Alcester Road South,
Kings Heath,
B14 6ER.






Ryan StoreyMorgansBoys Disability Cat 1 Elite1
Brandon DiamondGroes Primary SchoolBoys Disability Cat 1 Novice1
Aaron DaviesCefn Saeson CompBoys Disability Cat 1 Novice2
Leighton WemmGlenmead PrimaryBoys Disability Cat 1 Novice3
Adam WellsGreat Baddow High SchoolBoys Disability Cat 2 Elite1
Ethan DavidsonMarsh Hill PrimaryBoys Disability Cat 2 Novice1
Jessica GreavesPlantsbrookGirls Disability Cat 1 Elite1
Chloe StoreyThe Sele SchoolGirls Disability Cat 1 Elite2
Angel EamesTon-Yr-Ywen Primary SchoolGirls Disability Cat 1 Elite3
Chloe LloydPlasnewydd Primary SchoolGirls Disability Cat 1 Novice1
Paige MarkeyGlenmead PrimaryGirls Disability Cat 1 Novice2
Aliyah HugginsSt PaulsGirls Disability Cat 2 Elite1
Chiara MolinaroSt Joseph’s RC Primary SchoolGirls Disability Cat 2 Elite2
Sharmeela BraggBryn Deri Primary SchoolGirls Disability Cat 2 Elite3
Luke ButcherThe Shrubbery SchoolUnder 11 Boys Elite1
Reece ColemanMillway Primary SchoolUnder 11 Boys Elite2
Joel SimnettSt Thomas Catholic Primary SchoolUnder 11 Boys Elite3
Rafferty Booler-StewartMeadowdale Primary SchoolUnder 11 Boys Intermediate1
Samuel ArcherMonkshouseUnder 11 Boys Intermediate2
Lewis SmallmanAll SaintsUnder 11 Boys Intermediate3
Daniel CoupeSt Johns SchoolUnder 11 Boys Novice1
Harvey KinsellThe LyngUnder 11 Boys Novice2
Jake SmithMarkeaton PrimaryUnder 11 Boys Novice3
Olivia BaldwinOverstone Primary SchoolUnder 11 Girls Elite1
Leah O’ConnorPlasnewydd Primary SchoolUnder 11 Girls Elite2
Ocean HaynesLyncrest Primary SchoolUnder 11 Girls Elite3
Lydia CrossSt Nicholas Catholic Primary SchoolUnder 11 Girls Intermediate1
Ella CraneWhittington CPUnder 11 Girls Intermediate2
Jessica RingsellSpalding PrimaryUnder 11 Girls Intermediate3
Ellie VasselHunsbury Park Primary NorthamptonUnder 11 Girls Novice1
Tori MarkhamGlenmead PrimaryUnder 11 Girls Novice2
Abbie ReesPlasnewydd Primary SchoolUnder 11 Girls Novice3
Matthew WilcoxCharlton SchoolUnder 14 Boys Elite1
Matthew BursonPerse UpperUnder 14 Boys Elite2
Owen FrancisThe King JohnUnder 14 Boys Elite3
Max PainterLode Heath Sports CollegeUnder 14 Boys Intermediate1
Tom ClarkeThe Streetley AcademyUnder 14 Boys Intermediate2
Mark RileyPriory AcademyUnder 14 Boys Intermediate3
Mark RoeThe Coopers’ Company and Coborn SchoolUnder 14 Boys Novice1
Jacob KeddyRoundwood Park SchoolUnder 14 Boys Novice2
Travis NindKirk Hallam Community AcademyUnder 14 Boys Novice3
Jessica ClarkeThe Streetley AcademyUnder 14 Girls Elite1
Madison MerittBrentwoodUnder 14 Girls Elite2
Olivia May-StreetColeshill SchoolUnder 14 Girls Elite3
Chelsea Cooper-EllisThe GleedUnder 14 Girls Intermediate1
Heather GoodallThe Long Eaton SchoolUnder 14 Girls Intermediate2
Paige HaydenFairfax SchoolUnder 14 Girls Intermediate3
Elisha SimpsonPerry Beeches the AcademyUnder 14 Girls Novice1
Emma HutchinsonTupton Hall SchoolUnder 14 Girls Novice2
India-Rose CoxStratford upon Avon SchoolUnder 14 Girls Novice3
Aaron LymerNewcastle Under Lyme CollegeUnder 19 Boys Elite1
Luke DeweThe John Henry Newman SchoolUnder 19 Boys Elite2
Corum StrattonEbbwFawr Learning CommunityUnder 19 Boys Elite3
Tom BeardwellSpalding GrammarUnder 19 Boys Intermediate1
Harry SharmanLongslade Community CollegeUnder 19 Boys Intermediate2
Louis PearsonHitchin Boys’ SchoolUnder 19 Boys Intermediate3
Noah HumeRoundwood Park SchoolUnder 19 Boys Novice1
William CoulterRoundwood Park SchoolUnder 19 Boys Novice2
Nathan McGreevyRoundwood Park SchoolUnder 19 Boys Novice3
Zainub AkbarHowell’s School LlandaffUnder 19 Girls Elite1
Alysia MiddletonShirebrook AcademyUnder 19 Girls Elite2
Kayla SmithMaesteg Comprehensive SchoolUnder 19 Girls Elite3
Ria HughesNeath Port Talbot CollegeUnder 19 Girls Intermediate1
Elizabeth BrandrickOrminston Shelfield Community AcademyUnder 19 Girls Intermediate2
Amber LincolnBrooke WestonUnder 19 Girls Intermediate3
Emily KennedyRoundwood Park SchoolUnder 19 Girls Novice1
Lucy MoxhamSt Albans High School for GirlsUnder 19 Girls Novice2
Chloe HaywardEbbwFawr Learning CommunityUnder 19 Girls Novice3





Whittington CP aUnder 11 Boys Novice1
St Thomas More AUnder 11 Girls Novice1
Haberdashers AUnder 11 Girls Novice2
Hitchin AUnder 14 Boys Elite1
Hitchin AUnder 14 Boys Intermediate1
Hitchin BUnder 14 Boys Intermediate2
Blackwood AUnder 14 Boys Novice1
Great Baddow AUnder 14 Boys Novice2
Maesteg AUnder 14 Girls Elite1
Coleshill School AUnder 14 Girls Elite2
Long Eaton AUnder 14 Girls Intermediate1
Kirk Hallam AUnder 14 Girls Intermediate2
Haberdashers AUnder 14 Girls Novice1
Roundwood Park AUnder 14 Girls Novice2
Hitchin AUnder 19 Boys Intermediate1
Roundwood Park AUnder 19 Boys Novice1
Blackwood BUnder 19 Boys Novice2
Maesteg BUnder 19 Girls Elite1
Brentwood Ursuline Convent AUnder 19 Girls Elite2
Finham Park AUnder 19 Girls Intermediate1
Long Eaton AUnder 19 Girls Intermediate2
Roundwood Park AUnder 19 Girls Novice1
Haberdashers AUnder 19 Girls Novice2



The full results in Excel format:

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