Regional Squads Update – 2015

By | January 1, 2015

Regional Squads Update – 2015

This is to announce a few changes to the previous updates:

  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances we are now no longer able to hold the Opportunity Test Day for the junior squad on 11th January – this event is now being moved to 25th January.  If you have previously confirmed attendance on 11th can you please re-confirm your availability for 25th.
  2. In light of this fortnight’s delay in the Test Day, we will no longer be holding the first 2015 squad  day on 1st February, but will introduce another date to replace this later in the year.  The first squad day this year will now be 1st March.
  3. There have been fewer names nominated for the junior squad than we had hoped, indeed some clubs have not nominated any, we are, therefore, opening the junior squad up to another year group so the junior squad will now be for those aged 8 – 12 (i.e. under-13 age groups) and the youth squad those aged 13 – 18 (i.e. over-13 but under-19 age groups), and will be a little more flexible on numbers (but not quality).
  4. The previously issued Trampoline Dates 2015 download, has therefore been changed in accordance with the above.

All other aspects of the previous announcements remain unchanged.

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