Trampoline Squad 2015 – Testing & Selection

By | November 23, 2014

Eastern Region Squad Criteria 2015

Coaches/ Gymnasts, thank you for all the enthusiasm and support during the last squad programme.  2015 will see some changes in the way the squad days will operate and how the initial squads will be selected.

Selected trampoline gymnasts will be given the opportunity to attend 4 squad sessions, undertaking a programme of activity deemed suitable to prepare gymnasts for potential future National and International selection.

Squad days will be divided into two 3 hour sessions.

  • Junior Squad – The first session will focus on younger gymnasts who will be 8-11 during 2015. These will be selected based on the criteria listed below.
  • Youth Squad – The second session will be for gymnasts aged 12 -18. This older group will be selected by invitation only, based on past knowledge of the gymnasts and their proven potential to offer value to the squad. Clubs will be notified in due course regarding those who have been selected.

This is a long term plan and our aim is to be flexible. As such, the squad will be the goal to either remain in or be selected for.

Important Information

The criteria below have been set to identify trampolinists aged 8-11 who demonstrate the potential to move upwards through the performance pathways, showing the qualities needed for future years of progressive training and competition.

The selection method will involve recognition of technical expectations, strength and conditioning testing and gymnastic versatility.

We intend to begin with an Opportunity Test Day on the 11th Jan 2015 beginning at 10am and finishing around 3pm.

Each club will be eligible to send a maximum of 3 gymnasts whose coaches feel meet the criteria below. If we fail to reach sufficient numbers, we may ask clubs to add a fourth gymnast to their list.

We advise coaches to be highly selective before nominating any gymnast.

Following testing the group will be reduced to 20 gymnasts.

Gymnasts will be continually assessed and may not be invited to subsequent squads if the squad coaches feel the expectations are too great.

There will be opportunities for entry to the squad throughout the year depending on recognition at regional competitions and place availability.

Junior Squad Criteria

1)      Be aged between 8 and 11 inclusive as of 31st December 2015.

2)      Hold a minimum of British Gymnastics Bronze membership.

3)      Demonstrate strength, flexibility and gymnastic versatility.

4)      Show competent straight jumping skills.

5)      Demonstrate competent forward/backward somersaults.

6)      Linking skills into and out of 5 above.

7)      Drills.

8)      Routines.

Gymnasts will work with their coaches allowing squad coaches to assess work undertaken through the normal coaching environment.

Application To Attend The Opportunity Test Day

Coaches of gymnasts aged 8-11 should send nominations to [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”] by December 20th providing evidence that nominees meet the criteria above.

Cost for the day will be £15 payable on the day.

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