Changes to Grade E qualification

By | February 28, 2014

Prior to last Sunday’s competition in Hitchin, the Trampoline-East committee agreed to reduce the qualification score for those wishing to grade from E to D by 1.0.  Consequently, those who achieve a score greater than 48.5 will be qualified and those achieving between 48.0 & 48.5 will be offered the opportunity of re-validation.  

The qualification score change (although, unfortunately, not the opportunity to re-validate), is also backdated to the January grading in Brentwood resulting in a further 4 qualifiers (another had already qualified through re-validation on the day), being:

  • Thomas Gregory (Recoil)
  • Chloe Caley (Pegasus)
  • Hannah Hodgkinson (Hi Tension) &
  • Katie Cremer (Brentwood)

At Sunday’s competition 3 qualified who would not have been offered revalidation previously and another qualified through revalidation.

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