Competition H-C Structure – Qualification required through grades

By | February 20, 2014

Please see below a message issued from the Trampoline-East Committee, relating to regional competitions. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”].

At the Trampoline-East new structure meeting in October 2013, it was decided that the East region would continue to use the H-C grade format to host competitions in 2014. All rules relating to this, including qualification through the grades are still valid at these competitions.

It has become apparent, through concerns raised to the committee that some East-Region clubs have placed performers in grades for which they have not qualified. Whilst we do not wish to penalise those competitors personally, the committee wish to reiterate to all club managers that these rules still apply – performers need to qualify through the grades to compete at each grade, and should only be entered into the grade at which they are qualified to compete.

If any clubs have entered performers who have not qualified for the grade they are intending to compete, please contact [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”] to move their performers to their appropriate grade.

If the committee receive evidence that performers are competing at the incorrect grade, their results will be null/void. This includes the Hitchin graded competition on Sunday.

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