Putting the bounce back into the East Region


Club Welfare Officers’ Day

Club Welfare Officers’ Day 2015

The Club Welfare Officers Day will take place on Sunday 10th May 2015 between 9.45am-4.00pm at:

  • The Pavilion Room, Netherhall Sports Centre, Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8NN

All Club Welfare Officers who wish to attend must notify Karly Good before Friday 10th April, by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on 07711 903 611 or by letter to: 142 Fakenham Road, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6QH

There will be no charge for the day. Refreshments and lunch are provided at the expense of the East Region.

DMT May Squad Cancelled

As a result of low numbers of applications, due to a clash of dates with other events, the proposed DMT squad session on Sunday 18th May will not go ahead.

Phil Dodson, Regional DMT Squad Coordinator, extends an open invitation for coaches to bring performers to his club sessions on a Saturday evening (5:15 – 7:30) at Hitchin Boys School Sports Centre.

Please contact Phil at [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”] to arrange.

Use of drills in developing somersault links

At the Regional Development Squad on Sunday Jack Kelly introduced a range of drills intended to ensure that Back/Back and Back/Front somersault links are developed cleanly and to best technical ability, as Jack says:

These are the worksheets used at the last Eastern Squad and I hope they will be of continuing benefit to coaches.  It was never envisaged that the whole list of drills would be completed during the squad session as there is no point on moving to the next drill before the previous one has been mastered. My advice is that these progressive lists are used during club training with the aim of focussing on one drill at a time and perhaps completing the programme over a period of months.  I am only too well aware that there are many other things you have to work on but a ‘little and ofte’n approach to these drills can bring long term benefits to overall performance. Don’t hesitate to contact me if further clarification is needed.

Jack. [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]

These drills are repeated here.

Back to Back connection drills

  1. Back S/S Tucked (TB) to hit the ‘TOP’ followed by a straight jump which returns to the ‘TOP’
  2. TB as above followed by a straight jump which lands on seat.
  3. TB as above followed by a straight jump which lands on back– (mat if needed)
  4. As above followed by three balancing jumps then repeat. i.e. TB/straight/jump/jump/jump/TB times 3
  5. TB/jump/jump/TB repeat 3 times
  6. TB/jump/TB repeat 3 times
  7. TB/TB/TB
    Quality control at each stage before progressing!
  8. TB/SB using SB as ‘over turned’ straight jump. Hitting the ‘TOP’ on the SB is essential.
    (It’s ok to break form on the way down……High and slow is the way to go!)

Back to Front connection drills

  1. Back s/s (Free) followed by straight jump to hit the ‘TOP.’
  2. Back s/s followed by straight jump/balancing jump/front drop – all to hit the ‘TOP’(S) (Use mat!)
  3. Back s/s followed by straight jump/front drop (S) – hit the ‘TOP’ (Use mat!)
  4. Back s/s followed by front drop(S) to hit the ‘TOP’ (Use mat!)
  5. Back s/s followed by ¾ front (S) TOP ????
  6. Back s/s followed by barani (T) TOP and follow with a straight jump.
    Quality control before moving on to the barani shapes and 1¾ front.
  7. Free choice of back to front combinations relating to own routines.

October Squad Date Confirmed

We can now confirm that the next Squad date will be the 28th October beginning at 12pm and finishing at 5pm. The later start is to allow those traveling back from the English Championships on the Saturday time to recover; we have also arranged for the clocks to be put back an hour to afford an extra hour in bed.

The venue will be: The Courage Hall, Brentwood School Sports Centre, Middleton Hall Lane, Brentwood, CM15 8EE

Further information regarding the content for the day will be posted shortly, but in the meantime could we ask all clubs to indicate their gymnasts availability. Please indicate any changes such as club, personal coach etc. so Dave can update accordingly.

Paul & Jack – [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]

Jack’s review of squad test results

The table of test results is proving to be a revealing exercise and we trust coaches will look at the relative performances of their gymnasts.  You will recall we have stated that the work we do at squad sessions is not the work which will deliver results …………… that comes from the gymnast working on the right things during club training but applying the principles we have introduced at squad.  As you can see (table below showing only those who attended both squads to date) we have started monitoring each squad member’s progress through a few basic tests and will continue to do so as well as track scores at competition.  All these measures will be used to assess the currency of each gymnast’s membership of the squad.  We are serious about raising the standard of the Eastern region and this process will assist us greatly.

Name10BT30BTPos Ded (F)Pos Ded (B)DrillDrill %
Faith Everett17.1217.4546.5348.280032317.0398%
James Able15.3815.2540.8544.250011815.63102%
Rebecca Shaw18.5318.2551.5651.250310418.0099%
Thomas Verdicchio16.9717.0048.2546.500041916.3496%
Lauren Sadler18.5318.6352.8151.911461818.3498%
Lucy Bevan18.7219.0753.6954.862511218.0395%
Naomi Waldcock18.9718.6953.4453.662221717.8195%
Holy Felstead (wc)14.4014.7840.1039.16010614.4498%
Nuala McGrath (wc)14.2815.3542.1044.65080015.34100%

We will be expect to see an overall increase in jump times which should be the result of correct work done during club training.  Of course this may not produce a continuous upward curve but the overall trend should be upward.

The deductions for accuracy give serious cause for concern in that huge numbers are being shown for backward faults.  There is no doubt this comes from gymnasts being allowed to jump behind the cross.  They like to “see” the cross which means they are not “on” the cross.  I hope you can all work on this by helping the gymnast to pick up an alternative sighting point e.g. the red line at the front of the meter box.  There needs to be a positive mind and vision shift to overcome this problem which, trust me will cause difficulties eventually as the gymnast makes progress.  It was encouraging to see the high scores for height on the test drill relative to 10 bounce jump height …….. well done!  But of course we won’t be satisfied until we see the ten jump time and the accuracy score rise followed by a maintenance of the drill time!  Keep working on it!

If any coach would like advice on how to improve their scores please contact me and I’ll try to help [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]

Many thanks

Regional Squad Day – Testing Outcomes

Squad Day – 29th July

The following table shows the testing outcomes for the three main tests undertaken which were as follows:

  • Ten bounces from a ‘flying start’ recorded in seconds (10BT).
  • Thirty bounces from a ‘dead bed’ recorded in seconds (30BT) and also recording forward (Pos Ded (F)) and backward (Pos Ded (B)) movement along the bed outside a notional ‘metre box’ around the cross.
  • A drill of nine shaped and one straight jump with an aim of achieving better than 95% height retention against 10BT
NameClub10BT30BTPos Ded (F)Pos Ded (B)DrillDrill %
Georgia TyrrellBrentwood15.9845.503415.4797%
Shelby SkeggsPegasus17.3449.972816.7697%
Lucy BevanPegasus19.0754.8651218.0395%
Caitlin HoustonPegasus18.8154.4411818.0396%
Lauren SadlerIpswich Four18.6351.9141818.3498%
Tate TuckerCambourne Comets18.6649.5301018.3898%
James AbleCambourne Comets15.2544.2501815.63102%
Clinton ElmesDimensions19.4856.253819.0398%
Naomi WaldcockSprung Loaded18.6953.6621717.8195%
Gemma BurgessSprung Loaded
Nuala McGrathWestcliff15.3544.658015.34100%
Holy FelsteadWestcliff14.7839.161614.4498%
Rebecca ShawCambourne Comets18.2551.253418.0099%
Georgia BerryCambourne Comets15.8843.164115.5098%
Thomas VerdicchioCangaroos17.0046.5001916.3496%
Faith EverettBrentwood17.4548.2802317.0398%

Squad development day July 2012

Dear coaches,

The next Regional Squad day has been set for the 29th July 2012. We appreciate this may affect availability of gymnasts and coaches owing to the holiday period, but coordinating dates, venue and squad coach availability has proven difficult.

The venue will be at the Brentwood Centre on Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood (signposted from central Brentwood and just a few minutes from our regular venue).

We will update the details of the day well in advance, but would personal coaches indicate their/gymnasts intention to attend the squad day asap.

[antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]

Paul Kitchen & Jack Kelly

Squad Members (please confirm)

Naomi WaldockLevitation *
Nathan LunnissLevitation
Caitlin HoustonPegasus *
Eliana CuifoPegasus
Lucy BevanPegasus *
Shelby SkeggsPegasus *
Kensie SherlockBrentwood
Lucy PhillipsBrentwood
Lauren MichaelsBrentwood
Faith EverettBrentwood *
Georgia TyrrellBrentwood *
Kendra SherlockBrentwood
Maddison MerrittBrentwood
Joe HarrisBrentwood
Jonathan GibbsBrentwood
Matthew BursonCangaroos
Thomas VerdicchioCangaroos *
Trinity KellyCangaroos *
Tate TuckerAspire *
Lauren SadlerIpswich Four *
Holly FelsteadWestcliffwc *
Nuala McGrathWestcliffwc *
Clinton ElmesDimensions *
Rebecca ShawIndependent *
James AbleIndependent *
Georgia BerryIndependent*
Abigail JaggsFlightwc *

wc – wildcard

* – confirmed attendance

Regional Squad Day – Testing Outcomes

Squad Day – 1st April

The following table shows the testing outcomes for the two main tests undertaken which were as follows:

  • Ten bounces from a ‘flying start’ recorded in seconds (10BT).
  • Thirty bounces from a ‘dead bed’ recorded in seconds (30BT) and also recording forward (Pos Ded (F)) and backward (Pos Ded (B)) movement along the bed outside a notional ‘metre box’ around the cross.
NameClubPresent10BT30BTPos Ded (F)Pos Ded (B)
Naomi WaldockLevitationY 18.9753.4422
Nathan LunnissLevitation*
Caitlin HoustonPegasus*
Eliana CuifoPegasusY 17.00 (E)49.4430
Lucy BevanPegasusY 18.7253.6921
Kensie SherlockBrentwoodY * *
Lucy PhillipsBrentwoodY 17.4447.6300
Lauren MichaelsBrentwoodY 17.1948.5009
Faith EverettBrentwoodY 17.1246.5303
Georgia TyrrellBrentwood*
Kendra SherlockBrentwoodY16.0645.9003
Maddison MerrittBrentwood*
Joe HarrisBrentwoodY 16.9449.1915
Jonathan GibbsBrentwood*
Matthew BursonCangaroosY17.4045.2523
Thomas VerdicchioCangaroosY 16.9748.2504
Rebecca ShawAspireY 18.5351.56010
Tate TuckerAspireY **
James AbleAspireY 15.3840.8501
Georgia BerryAspire*
Lucy ForsdykeLoughton Y 17.2849.2101
Lauren SadlerIpswich Four Y 18.5352.8116
Holly FelsteadWestcliffY 14.4040.1000
Nuala McGrathWestcliffY 14.2842.1000
Clinton ElmesDimensions*


Regional Squad day – Final selection & timetable

Paul Kitchen & Graham Parker have released the following details about the upcoming squad day on 1st April at Brentwood.

Dear Gymnast/ Coach,

Welcome to the first Squad of 2012 and congratulations on achieving the criteria for selection. Undoubtedly this is a result of the hard work and dedication you and your coach put into our sport, and with the help of everyone, it is our desire to forge a way forward, raising the bar within the region.

We feel it will be the collective efforts of dedicated individuals that will cause this, so ask each and every one of you to arrive on the 1st April ready to become a better Trampoline Gymnast and/or Coach and with your feedback we can deliver squad days that truly reflect a developing region for many years to come.

Please remember to bring your cheque (payable to ECGA) or cash to the sum of £15 per squad member to contribute to the cost of this squad day.

Squad  Members

Naomi WaldockLevitation
Nathan LunnissLevitation*
Caitlin HoustonPegasus*
Eliana CuifoPegasus
Lucy BevanPegasus
Kensie SherlockBrentwood
Lucy PhillipsBrentwood
Lauren MichaelsBrentwood
Faith EverettBrentwood
Georgia TyrrellBrentwood*
Kendra SherlockBrentwood
Maddison MerrittBrentwood*
Joe HarrisBrentwood
Jonathan GibbsBrentwood*
Matthew BursonCangaroos
Thomas VerdicchioCangaroos
Rebecca ShawAspire
Tate TuckerAspire
James AbleAspire
Georgia BerryAspire*
Lucy ForsdykeLoughton
Lauren SadlerIpswich Four
Holly FelsteadWestcliffwc
Nuala McGrathWestcliffwc
Clinton ElmesDimensions*

*Injured/holiday.    wc – wildcard

Regional Squad Timetable

10:00 am Registration and Introductions.

10:15 am Dynamic Warm Up  Gymnasts only.

Coach Corner.           Coaches with Jack.

10:45 am – Technical Priority – TOP and its relevance to Time Of Flight

11:45 am – Cool Down – Lunch Break.

12:30 pm – Dynamic Warm Up.

12.45 pm – Free Training plus Testing – emphasis on TOP as in Technical Priorities.

– Timed jumping for height and accuracy.

2.15 pm – A look at physical testing.

2:30 pm – Cool Down.

2.45 pm – Plenary session.

3:00 pm – Depart.

Every squad member must have a coach present with them on the day.

Please bring your own food/refreshments.  The centre has a water drinking fountain available in the fitness Gym.  Vending machines for snacks are available.

Training diaries are required.

Can we ask all coaches to familiarise themselves with BG’s Technical Priorities and in particular Jacks articles on Top related topics of which there are several.


Paul .

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