Putting the bounce back into the East Region


Team East 3rd In UK in BG’s Regional Team Finals

Team East competitor in action

A Team East competitor in action with coaches looking on

Team East 3rd in UK

Team East’s trampoline and DMT gymnasts punched above their weight once more, winning 24 medals at 2017’s Regional Team Finals held last weekend at Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena.  No fewer than 42 of the team’s 70 gymnasts also qualified to compete at the NDP Finals; these take place in Telford on the weekend of 8th and 9th July.

On trampoline there were 18 medals spread across Continue reading

Trampolining Gold at NDP Team Finals

Regional team medallists

Some of our happy medallists

Trampolining Gold at NDP Team Finals

With 22 medals and 40 trampolinists qualified for NDP Finals, the East Region’s Trampoline Team won the trophy as the best of the 13 UK regions at last weekend’s Regional Team Finals in Birmingham.  This was a remarkable achievement and will hopefully be a springboard to still further successes. Continue reading

Final Agreed Open & Regional Championships Structure

Regional Championship & Open Competition Structure

In previous years we have held an inter-club Regional Championship based on the grading routines.  With some clubs now opting to compete only in NDP this leaves the region divided in terms of routines being competed and the regional committee has been looking at ways in which we could come together without forcing clubs to abandon their principled decisions to adopt one, or the other, of the two structures we support in East.  All DMT and TPD competition in the region adopts the BG NDP structures and is not directly affected.

Outline of Structure

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East Region Championship 2015

East Region Championship 2015

Levitation hosts East Region Championship 2015The date and venue for this has now been set and all clubs are invited to prepare for the competition which is being hosted by Levitation TC:

  • Date:  11th October
  • Venue: Hertfordshire Sports Village, De Havilland Campus University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Herts. AL10 9EU.

As in previous years there will be both team and individual champions and clubs may enter more than one team if they would like.  One big change this year is brought upon us because of the two different structures in use and in order to allow all to compete on a ‘level-playing field’ the competition will make use of the East Region’s Open Competition Structure.  This structure has been designed to give clubs confidence in using either NDP or Eastern Grades (or both in reflection of individuals’ needs) as their preferred development pathway going forward.  This new format structure was trialled at the recent Fenland Flyers Open where both the organizers and those attending thought it worked well with only minor wrinkles (now being in the process of being ironed out).

As with last year the competition will be for:

  • Trampoline for People with Disabilities,
  • Individual Trampoline &
  • Double Mini Trampoline.

If anybody has a query about the New Open Structure please email [email protected]

East Region Trampoline Technical Committee (Trampoline East) – AGM Notice

Our Annual General Meeting will immediately follow the East Region Championship competition.  Can all clubs please make an effort to attend.


NDP Regional Team Finals

NDP Regional Team Finals

East Regional NDP Team

Most of the team were able to get together before the event

Over the last weekend of May, The Peterborough Arena hosted a wonderful Regional Team Finals, an intermediate level competition between teams of trampoline, double mini and tumbling gymnasts from all regions of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  The East Region’s team was small compared to some but had quality and spirit in abundance and punched well above its weight. Our younger performers in particular were an inspiration and at the end of the first day on overall points we led the competition!  Sunday was a little quieter for us but the East Team finished 5th on trampoline among the 12 regions, 3rd on double mini and 2nd in tumbling; a fantastic result!

Gold medal winner

One of our Gold medal winners on the podium

On trampoline there were golds for Shannon Waterman, Conner Houston, Harvey Bell, Carys Verdicchio and Hal Ottley; all aged 12 or younger. Ellis Rushworth jumped to silver and Imogen Mayhew, Charlotte Warnes, Caitlin Constance and Monica Dowling all collected bronze. 10 trampoline medals and 28 top eight placings was a tremendous haul.

On double mini our small team also made a great showing with 6 medals including wins for Imogen Mayhew, Hal Ottley, Max Gaeta and Ed Parkin. Daniel Cotta and Chloe Caley achieved silver and   Ella Houston reached the podium for her bronze. 11 of the team achieved top eight, point scoring places.  Special mention should go to Hal for his double gold and to Imogen, also a double medallist.

More than twenty of these gymnasts will be invited to compete in the National Development Plan (NDP) Finals which takes place in Telford this July.  Here they will compete for their individual clubs and we wish them every success.

Huge thanks are due to the East Team’s coaches, judges and supporters for helping our gymnasts achieve such a great result. Thanks too to all the coaches back at our gymnasts’ clubs and to Jack Kelly, Paul Kitchen, Dave Kingaby, Phil Dodson and the Region’s Trampoline Committee for their work in supporting gymnast development. It’s paying off guys!

Results can be found on the British Gymnastics website.

Report by Pat Dodson (Team Manager).

Results Table (Points & placing)





East125 (5)66 (3)179 (2)
East Midlands268 (1)11 (10)29 (11)
London54 (10)0 (11)55 (10)
North of England69 (9)0 (11)185 (1)
North West101 (6)62 (4)27 (12)
Northern Ireland43 (11)53 (5)12 (13)
Scotland12 (12)99 (2)59 (9)
South West158 (4)170 (1)136 (3)
South176 (3)30 (8)77 (8)
South East86 (7)36 (7)94 (6)
Wales7 (13)0 (11)101 (5)
West Midlands194 (2)53 (5)82 (7)
Yorkshire75 (8)26 (9)110 (4)

Squad & Calendar updates

Squad Update

Following the Junior & Youth Squad selection announcement, there remain a few spaces unallocated.  It is the intention that the squad only operates with those capable of working to a high level, but it is entirely possible that some gymnasts may have recovered from injury, resolved move issues or are worthy of consideration now for other reasons.  If any Coach has such a gymnast, they are invited to submit a request for review to the squad coaches ([email protected]), stating why they feel they should be offered a space.  Squad coaches will hope to view such applicants at the forthcoming grading.

Calendar Update

With the Tracks 2000 League now having released their confirmed dates and handbook for 2015, the year appears to have changed shape such that a previously advertised Open Competition in May now clashes and so will be deferred.  The updated calendar linked below aims to provide an overview of all competition & squad events (as well as main school holidays).

A number of dates have been highlighted as being Potential Regional Open Events; please note that these are not committed dates as yet and are dependant on clubs offering to host one – any such will be recorded on the region’s Google Calendar.

Watch This Space

It is understood that the National League organizers are about to launch a National League for Regional Competitors.


Eastern Schools’ Championships

The Eastern regions first round of the British Schools Championships 2014/15 is being held at Hitchin Boys School, Herts SG51JB on Sunday 30th November.  Available to download are:

New rules

This year age groups are slightly different (Under 11 – years 6 & below, Under 14 – years 7-9 and Under 19 – years 10 & above), and, at long last, BSGA have introduced an Intermediate Group so that basic club kids stand a chance of getting somewhere.  There are also 2 disability levels this year, Novice & Elite.  The qualification for different levels are:
  • Novice – those who have not competed in a BG Trampoline Comp above grade G or NDP1,
  • Intermediate – those who have not competed in a BG Trampoline Comp above grade F or NDP4,
  • Elite – those who have competed in a BG Trampoline Comp above Grade F or NDP4.

Equipment & Facilites

There will be a range of trampolines from 13mm to 4x4mm allocated to panels, please put in your covering email if any of your elite performers are unable to compete on a 6x4mm or 4x4mm trampoline. If you have any equipment concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the Organizer, Claire Watt.

DE photos will be attending as well as Star leotards.

Beverages and snack will be available through out the day upstairs, bacon rolls and cakes with jacket potatoes from 11.30.

Competition T-Shirts

Competition t-shirts will be on sale on the day, child sizes £10 and adult sizes £12.

Alternatively they are available to pre order on the form below before the 3rdNovember and pick up at the competition, pre orders are only £10 for adult’s sizes and £8 for child sizes.

Child Sizes £8WhiteSky BlueTotals:
L-9/11 years   
Adult Sizes £10   
S- 34/36”   
M- 38/40”   
L- 42/44”   
XL- 46/48”   
XXL- 50/52”    
  Total Cost:  

East Region Championship – Clarification of Routines

We understand that there has been some confusion arising from various communications about the regional championships.  Can we please clarify that the routines (click the link to view) and requirements, including NDP mappings, are as per last year and are based on the routine structure we agreed to support at last years AGM, i.e. last-years BG Competition Structure.
For those few competitors who have been participating in the new structure the grades have been mapped as per:
  • Reg G (incl level 3 NDP competitors)
  • Reg F (incl level 4 NDP competitors)
  • Reg E (incl level 5 NDP competitors)
  • Reg D (incl level 6 NDP competitors)
  • Nat C
  • FIG B (i.e. B and NDP 7 U19) – but called FIG WAG
  • FIG A (i.e. A, NDP 7 19+, NDP Level 8 and NDP Elite) – but called FIG Senior
​Individual appeals were permitted in writing to Nicki Weller although the deadline for that has now passed.​
Trampoline-East Committee

Invitation to May Squads

The squad coaches are inviting the following gymnasts to the upcoming May squads (please see earlier news release for details), being held at Brentwood on Sunday 25th May.

Clubs are asked to confirm intentions to attend to [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”] as soon as is reasonably possible.

Junior Squad – 9:00 – 11:50am

  • Maddison Merritt – Brentwood;
  • Zara Phillips – Brentwood;
  • Sydney Kelly – Cangaroos;
  • Zach Goggin – Cangaroos;
  • Evie Joseph – Comets;
  • James Able – Comets;
  • Evie Stokes-Shinn – Dimensions;
  • Olivia Collier – Flight;
  • Hannah Hodgkinson – Hi-Tension;
  • Lily Patrick – Hi-Tension;
  • Shannon Waterman – Loughton Flyers;
  • Kendra Sherlock – Recoil;
  • Lauren Bembrick-Taylor – Recoil;
  • Carys Verdicchio – Rotations;
  • Amelia Edbrooke – Sprung Loaded;
  • Gina Atkinson – Sprung Loaded;
  • Freya Grundy – Waveney GC;
  • Haidee Spence – Waveney GC.

Youth Squad – 12:00 – 3:00pm

  • Bex Alexander – Aspire;
  • Georgia Tyrrell – Brentwood;
  • Monica Dowling – Brentwood;
  • Olivia Watson – Brentwood;
  • Susanna Badley – Brentwood;
  • Jordan Broda – Cangaroos;
  • Matthew Burson – Cangaroos;
  • Taranne Kendon – Cangaroos;
  • Trinity Kelly – Cangaroos;
  • Georgia Berry – Comets;
  • Jordan Winter – Comets;
  • Austin Pannell – Dragons;
  • Sam Hodgkinson – Hi-Tension;
  • Thomas Verdicchio – Levitation;
  • Elise Das – Mid Suffolk;
  • Caitlin Houston – Pegasus;
  • Lucy Bevan – Pegasus;
  • Joe Harris – Recoil;
  • Kathryn (Katie) Marson – Rotations;
  • Jasmine Samson – Sprung Loaded;
  • Luke Dewe – Sprung Loaded;
  • Reece Norden – Sprung Loaded.


The order of activity on the day will be as follows:

ActivityJunior SquadYouth Squad
Arrive, check-in8:4511:45
Intro, non-directed warm-up with own coaches9:0012:00
Bed warm-up & jump drills9:1512:15
Refresh session from previous squads9:4012:40
Free training10:301:30
Session review/depart11:45
Session review, equipment clear-down, depart2:45
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