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Equipment for Sale – Proceeds to Charity

Sale of Equipment with Proceeds Going to Charity

Twisters have made the difficult decision to close down and have substantial amounts of equipment for sale for charity. The equipment has been assessed by Fifield Services and prices based on that assessment. Buyer will need to collect from Clements Hall Leisure Centre, Hawkwell, SS5 4LN. The list is as follows:

6 Trampolines

  • Ceetex GMEX 4×4 £800 (priced as this has bent end rails),
  • Ceetex GMEX 4×4 £1,800 (may need new pads),
  • Euro GMEX 6 x 4 £1,800 (may need new pads),
  • Euro GMEX 6 x 4 £2200,
  • Euro GMEX 6 x 4 £1000 (possible bed rest itch),
  • Euro GMEX 6 x 4 £1,900 (may need build up welds).

Safety Equipment

  • Ceetex international end decks with wedged mattresses £1,000 a pair,
  • Standard Euro end decks and wedges £450 pair,
  • 4 mats to go across the corners of tramps £50 each,
  • 1 set of 77A foam steps £150 (has a slight tear in step 1),
  • 23 double folding pan elite mats with Velcro 2mx2mx25mm £60 each,
  • 6 double wedged mattresses stud £100 each,
  • 7 crash mats 10ft x 5 ft x 8” £100 each,
  • 1 large push on mat 5ft x 4ft x 8” £60.

If interested in any of this please contact Sue Skinner at [email protected].

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