Trampolining in Eastern Region

Trampoline East – Putting the bounce back into the East Region

Welcome to Trampoline East – the website run by BG’s East Region Trampoline Technical Committee with a mission to restore the region to its former heights when it produced world champions.  Jack Kelly will be contributing recollections of what might be called the Glory Days of trampolining in the East region on Jack’s History Page.

Since 2009 the Eastern Region has not really had a full Committee looking after the interests of the Trampoline Clubs in the Region.  In March 2010 Jack Kelly, former GB International coach, posed a question to the assembled coaches at a grading competition asking why the Eastern Region, once a regular source of British & World Champions, had fallen behind when it came to producing Champions of the future.  The coaches felt that what was needed was an active committee able to re-invigorate the region through effective coach and performer development.

A further meeting was subsequently held at the next grading and it was decided to restructure the way that Trampolining was managed in the Eastern Region.  All the Clubs were invited to meet with the remaining committee members in February 2011 and a list of positions and roles were drawn up.  In August 2011 all the Clubs  were invited to put forward nominations and a full committee was subsequently formed on 30th October 2011.

Trampoline East represents trampoline clubs in the following counties:

More information will be provided here in due course.