Whilst all coach & judge education courses are now administered by British Gymnastics, the region needs to work to develop a pool of qualified coaches, judges & tutors.  Often courses can be run by request but it is worth noting that BG will need at least 3 months notice before they will permit a course to be run.

British Gymnastics has a Coach Education Programme in place to ensure a sufficient number of fully qualified active coaches provide the highest quality of coaching at all levels to enable every participant to realise their full potential.  ECGA has an ongoing Coach Education programme organising courses in all the major disciplines throughout the region.  British Gymnastics has been approved by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) as an Awarding Body for the delivery, assessment and accreditation of official Gymnastics Coaching Qualifications in the UK.

Having signed up to the UK Coaching Framework and the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC), British Gymnastics is in the process of adapting its qualifications to the UKCC criteria.  This affects course price, content, age requirements and assessments.   Declaration of Interest: If the course you are looking for is not currently available please fill in the declaration of interest form attached. Click here. This will allow us to accurately gauge demand and enable us to provide courses of the appropriate level and discipline to meet your needs.   Your interest will be noted and you should be notified by email when a course is available.

More information can be obtained from:   Michelle Ellis Regional Workforce Development Co-ordinator – East [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]   07775 020 870