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By | March 10, 2014

British Gymnastics has recently made an announcement about this programme which is reproduced (unaltered) below.  The East Region Pathway performance Coordinator is Jenni Morgan and she understands that the job vacancy for Pathway coaches will shortly be available to download from BG’s website, so if you feel this may suit someone you know, perhaps you could alert them to this.

Trampoline Performance Pathway Programme 2014

The BG Performance Pathway Programme for Trampoline will be launched in April 2014.

This availability of the BG Performance Pathway Programme resources to Trampoline represents a great opportunity to underpin and build on the major changes that have been happening in the sport since November 2012. With the centralisation of the Senior and Junior Performance Squads at Lilleshall after the 2012 Games and the appointment of a Head National Coach (HNC) overseeing a group of National Coaches working with these squads there has been significant improvements made during 2013. However for there to be genuine sustainable progress within Trampoline there is now an urgent need to underpin the new National Squad structure with a Performance Pathway that is regionally-based and capable of identifying and developing new gymnasts and coaches who are at an appropriate standard to feed upwards into the National Squads.

The Programme will group regions into 3 Zones – North; Midlands and South and be based around 3 of the strongest clubs in the Great Britain – City of Liverpool in the North; Northampton in the Midlands and OLGA in the South.

These clubs will have a new designation of High Performance Centre (HPC’s) and will become the central focus for an initiative to support all levels of trampoline development.

Each will host a programme of regional training camps and coach clinics throughout the year aimed at identifying and developing regional gymnasts and their personal/club coaches.

A major advantage of this new pathway provision is that it will be perfectly placed to support gymnasts and coaches within the new Trampoline Competition Structure that is already underway from January. A key feature of this new structure is to expand and strengthen regional activity in Trampoline so that the transition to National Level is a more consolidated, progressive and fundamentally sound process than previously.

Zonal Areas, Regions and Camp/Clinic Detail for the TRA Performance Pathway Initiative

Northern Zone – based at City of Liverpool as the HPC and covering North West/North East/ Yorkshire/Northern Ireland.

Midland Zone – based at Northamptonshire Trampoline Gymnastics Academy as the HPC and covering East Midlands/West Midlands/ East/South East.

Southern Zone – based at OLGA as the HPC and covering South/South West/London

  • Each of the above zones will host 10 x 1 day camps/clinics per year. These will deliver a programme of gymnast and coach development and will run as either single day or 2 day courses as required.
  • There will be a common syllabus for the camps in booklet form. This will be produced by the Head National Coach and the Technical Coaching Team and be distributed to the clubs within each Zone and region. The technical content will be closely coordinated with both the demands of the new TRA Competition Structure and the technical programme currently being delivered to the Senior and Junior TRA National Squads. The key aim here is to ensure a quality assured consistent delivery throughout the TRA Performance Pathway.
  • The target age groups will be 7-8; 9-10; 11-12;13-14 at a standard elite grade (or NDP 7 or 8) with the aim being to use the Zonal squads to identify and develop trampoline gymnasts who are well enough equipped to challenge for places in the GBR Squads and ultimately for selection to future WAGC and Euros Teams.
  • Of equal importance is to reach out and develop young coaches across the regions who will be exposed to the best practice coaching skills from an early stage and whose development will be completely in step with how the National Squads are operating at the National Centre in Lilleshall (LNSC).
  • These Zonal camps and clinics will target appropriate periods in the competition calendar with also the possibility of a longer camp in August.
  • There will be a menu of types/levels of course to choose from in order to maximise inclusivity and take-up. These may include Beginner Coach Clinics where required.
  • There will also be the scope where appropriate to run additional ‘outreach’ camps at suitable club venues in regions where the distance to the HPC puts them at a disadvantage.
  • Details and Timescale for recruitment of Performance Pathway Coaches. There will be a Technical Team to lead, develop and monitor all aspects of the Programme and a Hub Coach for each Zone, all working in close co-operation with the National Squad coaching staff. The 3 Hub coaches will be primarily responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of the Camp and Clinic Programme in each Zone with the close support of the Technical Team
  • The intention is for the Hub Coach posts to be advertised nationally during February 2014 with appointments made in March 2014. The detail of these coach packages are tbc.

Trampoline is working closely with Rachel Bayley – the BG Performance Pathway Development Manager – and her team of Regional Co-ordinators and more information will be available soon on this exciting new Initiative for Trampoline.

Alan Edge – Performance Manager/Craig Lowther – Head National Coach
February 2014

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