Eastern Regional Championship 2013

By | May 14, 2013
Eastern Regional Championship 2013 Club Shield

Eastern Regional Championship 2013 Club Shield

Location : Fenland Flyers, Thomas Clarkson Community College, Weasenham Lane, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 2SE

Date : 23rd June 2013

Closing Date : 1st June 2013 (Entry form to follow shortly)

Entry costs

£7.50 per competitor
£10 per club team

Run as an open – grades G, F, E, D, C, and Fig A/B (Combined).

Normal age groups and sexes as per an open – split/grouped as needed

Trophies as normal for this main part of the competition, but no teams/team-medals within grades.

Regional Champions

In each grade and sex (all ages combined) we award a Regional Grade Champion with normal form + tariff and tie-break rules applying.  Each Regional Champion will receive a cup which will have their name engraved on it to hold for the year.   They will also receive a medal which they keep.

  • Grade G Male
  • Grade G Female
  • Grade F Male
  • Grade F Female
  • Grade E Male
  • Grade E Female
  • Grade D Male
  • Grade D Female
  • Grade C Male
  • Grade C Female
  • Grade A/B Male
  • Grade A/B Female

Club Team Shield

Optionally, each club can nominate sets of ten people that form a club team.

These 10 get points based purely on form (no tariff) to decide which club wins.

Everyone in the competition gets ordered on total form score, with 1st place given 1 point down to 200th (or whatever) with 200 points.   The points for the nominated 10 team members are added up and the club team with the lowest number of points wins.

Where two people have the same form scores they will all get the same points.  i.e. if there are 23 people in 8th place with a form score of 45.0 then they will all get a score of 8.

Winning club gets a Shield engraved with their name to keep for a year.   Each winning team member receives a medal to keep.


For Fig A/B – FIG A requirements will be used (10 somersaults, 2 elements counting for difficulty in first routine which can’t be repeated in second otherwise difficulty cannot be awarded)

Trampoline only

For the club teams if someone drops out they can be replaced at any time before the competition starts.  In unforeseen circumstances a competitor unable to get to the event on the day may be replaced, at the competition organisers discretion, with another club member that has not yet competed.  A competitor can only be in one team.

Clubs may enter 0, 1 or more teams.

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