Squad details Sunday 19th May

By | May 17, 2013

Jack & Paul are pleased to advise that the following have confirmed their attendance at this upcoming squad:

  • Austin Pannell  –  Dragons
  • Caitlin Houston  –  Pegasus
  • Eitan Robinson  –  Brentwood
  • Evie Joseph  –  Comets
  • Gemma Burgess  –  Sprung Loaded
  • Georgia Berry  –  Comets
  • Georgie Tyrrell   –  Brentwood
  • Lucy Bevan  –  Pegasus
  • Maddison Merritt  –  Brentwood
  • Matthew Burson  –  Cangaroos
  • Monica Dowling  –  Brentwood
  • Sam Hodgkinson   –  Hi Tension
  • Sam Nightingale  –  Hi Tension
  • Susanna Badley  –  Brentwood
  • Terranne Kendon  –  Cangaroos
  • Trevlyn Holland  –  Ministry of Air
  • Trinity Kelly  –  Cangaroos

If you have qualified to National C or above and are under 17, able to attend, but are not on this list, please do let us know at [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”].

Whilst we have also welcomed ‘wild cards’ in the past, in consideration of how many ‘potentials’ there are for this type of invite, Jack’s feeling is we leave them out on this occasion whilst we consider a way we can run a separate opportunity for them.  If things come to fruition as we hope, it is possible that as well as regional squad, we will have a futures group operating next year as well.

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