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Zonal Schools Timetable & Programme 10th January 2015

Zonal Schools Timetable & Programme 10th January 2015

The timetable for the Zonal Schools Competition being held at Cambridge University Sports Centre next Saturday is as follows (although remains subject to change as manual entries continue to be made):

Panel 1

09.00 Under 11 Girls Disab Elite
Under 19 Girls Disab Elite
Under 11 Girls Disab Novice
Under 11 Boys Disab Elite
Under 14 Boys Disab Elite
Under 19 Boys Disab Elite
Under 19 Boys Disab Novice
09.55 Under 19 Girls Novice
12.00 Under 14 Boys Intermediate
13.05 Under 11 Boys Novice
13.55 Under 14 Girls Intermediate


Panel 2

09.00 Under 14 Girls Elite
10.10 Under 19 Girls Elite
11.05 Under 19 Girls Intermediate
12.30 Under 11 Boys Intermediate
Under 19 Boys Intermediate
13.30 Under 11 Girls Intermediate
14.05 Under 11 Girls Elite
14.30 Under 11 Boys Elite
14.45 Under 19 Boys Elite
15.15 Under 14 Boys Elite


Panel 3

09.00 Under 14 Boys Novice
10.20 Under 14 Girls Novice
12.40 Under 19 Boys Novice
13.40 Under 11 Girls Novice

Please note – Under 14 Girls Disab Elite and Under 11 Boys Disab Novice have not yet been timetabled.


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Zonal Schools update

Zonal Schools Round

The Zonal round of the BSGA Championships will take place on Saturday 10th January at;

University of Cambridge Sports Centre
Philippa Fawcett Drive

Closing date will be Saturday 20th December, entry form to follow.

Judges will be supplied by your region so please let your regional rep know of any one that is interested in judging the event.

To download the entry form please click:

For those fortunate enough to qualify, the National Schools Finals are now known to be on 14th March 2015 at:

Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre.
Alcester Road South,
Kings Heath,
B14 6ER.

Further information will be made available here as it becomes available.

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Eastern Schools’ Championships

The Eastern regions first round of the British Schools Championships 2014/15 is being held at Hitchin Boys School, Herts SG51JB on Sunday 30th November.  Available to download are:

New rules

This year age groups are slightly different (Under 11 – years 6 & below, Under 14 – years 7-9 and Under 19 – years 10 & above), and, at long last, BSGA have introduced an Intermediate Group so that basic club kids stand a chance of getting somewhere.  There are also 2 disability levels this year, Novice & Elite.  The qualification for different levels are:
  • Novice – those who have not competed in a BG Trampoline Comp above grade G or NDP1,
  • Intermediate – those who have not competed in a BG Trampoline Comp above grade F or NDP4,
  • Elite – those who have competed in a BG Trampoline Comp above Grade F or NDP4.

Equipment & Facilites

There will be a range of trampolines from 13mm to 4x4mm allocated to panels, please put in your covering email if any of your elite performers are unable to compete on a 6x4mm or 4x4mm trampoline. If you have any equipment concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the Organizer, Claire Watt.

DE photos will be attending as well as Star leotards.

Beverages and snack will be available through out the day upstairs, bacon rolls and cakes with jacket potatoes from 11.30.

Competition T-Shirts

Competition t-shirts will be on sale on the day, child sizes £10 and adult sizes £12.

Alternatively they are available to pre order on the form below before the 3rdNovember and pick up at the competition, pre orders are only £10 for adult’s sizes and £8 for child sizes.

Child Sizes £8 White Sky Blue Totals:
L-9/11 years      
Adult Sizes £10      
S- 34/36”      
M- 38/40”      
L- 42/44”      
XL- 46/48”      
XXL- 50/52”       
    Total Cost:   
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East Region Championship – Clarification of Routines

We understand that there has been some confusion arising from various communications about the regional championships.  Can we please clarify that the routines (click the link to view) and requirements, including NDP mappings, are as per last year and are based on the routine structure we agreed to support at last years AGM, i.e. last-years BG Competition Structure.
For those few competitors who have been participating in the new structure the grades have been mapped as per:
  • Reg G (incl level 3 NDP competitors)
  • Reg F (incl level 4 NDP competitors)
  • Reg E (incl level 5 NDP competitors)
  • Reg D (incl level 6 NDP competitors)
  • Nat C
  • FIG B (i.e. B and NDP 7 U19) – but called FIG WAG
  • FIG A (i.e. A, NDP 7 19+, NDP Level 8 and NDP Elite) – but called FIG Senior
​Individual appeals were permitted in writing to Nicki Weller although the deadline for that has now passed.​
Trampoline-East Committee
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UK Clubs Trampoline & DMT League

UK Clubs League LogoThe UK Clubs League is a unique UK provision in trampoline and DMT, it is a League system run ‘by the Clubs for the Clubs’, the handbook has now been published and can be downloaded from the following link:

Current LTAD principles are at the heart of the League.  This is an ability based age group system into which many exciting new features such as ‘Two Trick’ and prize money have been added.

The League may be used by anyone as an opportunity to participate in competitive trampolining as well as to gain points towards the League Final.  The League does not tie you to competing in the League Final unless you choose to do so and the events may be used as ‘one off’ events.

There are many different age and ability level events per discipline for competitors to enter.  Points will be allocated to competitors after the conclusion of the first two rounds of each League event.  A competitor’s best two sets of points from the four League events will be added together and up to the top 24 per age group per discipline will be invited to compete in the League Final in December.  Open event medallists will receive prize money.

All other League information, plus on-line entry will be accessible from the League website from June 2014 at www.trampolineleague.co.uk.  For all League enquiries please contact Sue Lawton or Wayne Smith at trampolineleague@gmail.com.

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Local DMT Success in Portugal

DMT Euro 2014Eastern Region’s Georgia Downing, who jumps for Sprungloaded DMT Club, took the DMT silver medal at the 2014 European Championships held in Guimaraes, Portugal on 12th April.

Georgia, coached by Phil Dodson, who was also recently appointed as the region’s DMT squad coach,  qualified through to the final in only the 7th slot after hitting the bungee on her second pass.   However her first pass score and her contribution to the British Team’s bronze medal suggested better things to come..  In the final she produce two excellent passes to total a world class 67.500 points, narrowly missing out on gold to Russia’s Polina Troianova.

Congratulations to Georgia and Phil.

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Important Competition Structure Announcement

At Sunday’s meeting of clubs following our Trampoline East AGM, we had a long and serious debate about the current competition structure, how and why it evolved, and how the structure now being mandated by BG contrasts with it.  (Webmaster note – discussion documents & minutes are available on this site – click this link).

The debate looked into the possible effects of the new structure, the lack of certainty about certain elements (such as how an arm-set would be judged), and the potentially serious effect it might have on retention, safety and welfare.  We were particularly grateful to Sue Lawton who took the trouble to travel from Berkshire to be with us.

From the way the debate progressed it was clear that there was a strong consensus view that the current structure allows for a more measured development of individuals than the proposed structure. Having said that, it was also acknowledged that our ‘Elite’ performers need to have a competitive pathway open to them for possibility of national representation.

At the end of the debate we considered the following options:

  1. adoption of the new structure being promoted by BG;
  2. running an NDP6 competition at times mandated by BG to provide a qualification route for those wishing to enter the Gala competitions but also running, separately, regional competitions using the current H – C specifications for all other regional competitors;
  3. running an NDP3-6 competition at times mandated by BG but also running, separately, regional competitions using the current H – C specifications for those not wishing to follow the NDP route;
  4. full rejection of the BG structure.

Following a vote in which each club had one vote the results were:

Option 1 No votes
Option 2 13 votes (voters for this would switch to option 3 if for some reason the Trampoline-East committee found option 2 unimplementable)
Option 3 5 votes (voters for this would switch to option 2 if for some reason the Trampoline-East committee found option 3 unimplementable)
Option 4 No votes (but only on the basis that the clubs felt that a pathway to the BG galas/nationals had to be left in place given that BG are intent on implementing their structure regardless of reasoned opposition to it, not because anyone thought the proposed structure had merit).

It was debated and understood that the voted for option 2 would mean Eastern Region would not be able to take part in the Regional Finals.

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Be heard, major debate at AGM 13th October

Trampoline East AGM 2013Agenda, reports & discussion documents relating to the upcoming Regional AGM and, probably most importantly, Competition Structure meeting are now available to view at http://trampoline-east.org/committee/minutes/.

AGM details

All clubs, and interested parties are welcome to attend the meeting taking place at  Sawston Sports Centre, New Road, Cambridge, CB22 3BP.  Please forewarn us if you intend coming by email to:

If you have opinions this is the time to express them, silence or apathy is the enemy of fair play!

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Ipswich Grading 21st April 2013

All files for this grading event are now available for download on our competitions page.  Please note in particular that the venue has changed from that originally advertised and that it is now taking place at:

  • Northgate Sports Centre, Sidegate Lane West, Ipswich, IP4 3DJ

We have also had confirmation that the trampolines to be used will be configured as follows:

  • Panel 1 (All F and some E) – 6×6 and 6×4
  • Panel 2 (All D and most E) – 6×6 and 4×4

The officials meeting is at 9:45 with warm-ups to commence at 10:00.  You are advised to bring food and drinks with you since there is no cafeteria service available.

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Veterans Trampoline Competition, Synchro and AGM 2012

The Region is planning to hold an Open Veterans Competition followed by the Trampoline-east AGM on the 16th September 2012 at Harlow Leisurezone, it is also considering holding a synchro competition if there is sufficient interest.

Veterans competition details

All competitors must be a member of British Gymnastics, the competition will be divided into two Levels:

  • Recreational: – This level is open to those who have never competed or have retired at least two years from recreational competitions. (i.e. Grade F or below)
  • Elite: – Competitors must have retired at least two years from Grade E and above competitions.

Age Groups: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+, men and women, date of birth must be declared on the entry form

All competitors will compete the set routine for their group and a voluntary routine to which an age bonus and tariff will be added.. There will be no finals.  Set Routines are




  1. Full twist
  2. Straddle jump
  3. Seat drop
  4. 1/2 twist to seat drop
  5. ½ twist to feet
  6. Pike jump
  7. Back drop
  8. ½ twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. ½ twist jump
  1. Tuck back s/s
  2. Straddle jump
  3. Tuck back s/s to seat
  4. ½ twist to feet
  5. ½ twist jump
  6. Pike jump
  7. Back drop
  8. ½ twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. Tuck front s/s
Tariff limit for voluntary – 2.0 Tariff limit for voluntary – 6.0

An age bonus will be added to the voluntary routine only. For each age group, 0.1 added for each year over the start age of the group. (i.e. a 55 year will get a 0.5 bonus). If two age groups are merged the higher age range will get 0.3 plus the age bonus.

A team can consist of 3 or 4 performers. Teams can be men’s, women or mixed with performers from any age group or Club. Teams must be declared on an entry form before the closing date.

All competitors must have an appropriately qualified coach present.  Competition Rules: as British Gymnastics Code of Points.

Entry fee: £7-50 per individual. No fee for teams.


The Committee would also like to run a Synchro Competition on the same day to make it an all-day event for the region. The synchro competition will be based on the same format as the Dragons TC use for their competitions;

All groups, dependant on numbers,  competitors can be mixed age, sex and ability, set routine twice.  Grades: no tariff given in any grade. Grades may be placed together depending on numbers.

Both The Veterans and Synchro Competitions can only run if there is enough demand from the clubs in the region. So please could you e-mail your provisional numbers for each competition to  suej@trampoline-east.org by the 28th June 2012 so that the venue can be booked accordingly.


On the AGM front, nomination forms for the new committee will be e-mailed out to all Clubs in the region no later than 10th August 2012.


Chair Trampoline-east

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