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Important Competition Structure Announcement

At Sunday’s meeting of clubs following our Trampoline East AGM, we had a long and serious debate about the current competition structure, how and why it evolved, and how the structure now being mandated by BG contrasts with it.  (Webmaster note – discussion documents & minutes are available on this site – click this link).

The debate looked into the possible effects of the new structure, the lack of certainty about certain elements (such as how an arm-set would be judged), and the potentially serious effect it might have on retention, safety and welfare.  We were particularly grateful to Sue Lawton who took the trouble to travel from Berkshire to be with us.

From the way the debate progressed it was clear that there was a strong consensus view that the current structure allows for a more measured development of individuals than the proposed structure. Having said that, it was also acknowledged that our ‘Elite’ performers need to have a competitive pathway open to them for possibility of national representation.

At the end of the debate we considered the following options:

  1. adoption of the new structure being promoted by BG;
  2. running an NDP6 competition at times mandated by BG to provide a qualification route for those wishing to enter the Gala competitions but also running, separately, regional competitions using the current H – C specifications for all other regional competitors;
  3. running an NDP3-6 competition at times mandated by BG but also running, separately, regional competitions using the current H – C specifications for those not wishing to follow the NDP route;
  4. full rejection of the BG structure.

Following a vote in which each club had one vote the results were:

Option 1 No votes
Option 2 13 votes (voters for this would switch to option 3 if for some reason the Trampoline-East committee found option 2 unimplementable)
Option 3 5 votes (voters for this would switch to option 2 if for some reason the Trampoline-East committee found option 3 unimplementable)
Option 4 No votes (but only on the basis that the clubs felt that a pathway to the BG galas/nationals had to be left in place given that BG are intent on implementing their structure regardless of reasoned opposition to it, not because anyone thought the proposed structure had merit).

It was debated and understood that the voted for option 2 would mean Eastern Region would not be able to take part in the Regional Finals.

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Update about Regional Squad 2014

Regional Squad 2014

Jack Kelly and Paul Kitchen have confirmed their intention to run at least three Eastern Squad sessions in 2014 but can not yet determine the criteria for selection because of the ongoing uncertainty over the future regional and national structure (which has not been helped by little more than a token response from BG to real issues that have been raised by regions).

As soon as we are clear about the future structure, regional criteria will be published along with age considerations. Members of the 2013 squad may be eligible but the coaches will also be taking into account the degree of commitment to the testing criteria shown during the year.

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Squad details Sunday 19th May

Jack & Paul are pleased to advise that the following have confirmed their attendance at this upcoming squad:

  • Austin Pannell  –  Dragons
  • Caitlin Houston  –  Pegasus
  • Eitan Robinson  –  Brentwood
  • Evie Joseph  –  Comets
  • Gemma Burgess  –  Sprung Loaded
  • Georgia Berry  –  Comets
  • Georgie Tyrrell   –  Brentwood
  • Lucy Bevan  –  Pegasus
  • Maddison Merritt  –  Brentwood
  • Matthew Burson  –  Cangaroos
  • Monica Dowling  –  Brentwood
  • Sam Hodgkinson   –  Hi Tension
  • Sam Nightingale  –  Hi Tension
  • Susanna Badley  –  Brentwood
  • Terranne Kendon  –  Cangaroos
  • Trevlyn Holland  –  Ministry of Air
  • Trinity Kelly  –  Cangaroos

If you have qualified to National C or above and are under 17, able to attend, but are not on this list, please do let us know at squad@trampoline-east.org.

Whilst we have also welcomed ‘wild cards’ in the past, in consideration of how many ‘potentials’ there are for this type of invite, Jack’s feeling is we leave them out on this occasion whilst we consider a way we can run a separate opportunity for them.  If things come to fruition as we hope, it is possible that as well as regional squad, we will have a futures group operating next year as well.

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MY Leadership Academy

MY Leadership Academy Overview

MY Leadership Academy Overview

The MY Leadership Academy programme is a British Gymnastics initiative designed to create a structure which young people can follow to help them develop as leaders within gymnastics in schools, clubs and leisure centres.  The programme encourages leaders to complete five different ‘topic’ areas:

  • MY Learning: Leaders are tasked with completing a number of different courses, both generic and sport specific.
  • MY Development: Leaders are tasked with identifying a mentor and learning from working alongside them.
  • MY Volunteering: Leaders are tasked with volunteering their time at events, and meetings.
  • MY Future: Leaders are tasked with producing a development plan and completing their goals.
  • MY Project: Leaders are tasked with identifying the needs, and running a project which benefits them/their club.

The programme introduces Young Leaders to the various roles and opportunities available within the sport. Helping them to identify their strengths and the areas they enjoy; encouraging them to stay within the sport for longer, creating a larger, stronger workforce for the future.

The academy is targeted at Young Leaders aged 11-17 but is open to anyone over the age of 11. The booklet is available free to members of British Gymnastics.

The MY Leadership Academy programme is designed to be structured but flexible, to allow it to be adapted to suit the needs of different individuals and different environments. There are awards, rewards and recognition available at various stages of completion to encourage the participants to continue following the programme and develop as leaders.

 If you are interested in joining the MY Leadership Academy programme or setting up your own, please contact Mollie Davies on the details below to find out more information and for an application form:

 Mollie Davies

Club Development Coordinator

Mobile: 07825384879 or

email: mollie.davies@british-gymnastics.org

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Andie Buckley

With great sadness we have to inform those of you who have not heard that Andrea Buckley, “Andie”, Head Coach of Cambridge Aspire, passed away last Tuesday.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends in these sad times.

The following article was published by the Cambridge News (links to original article) and speaks the story of Andie as we knew her:

Shock at sudden death of trampoline coach, 32

Gareth McPherson

Andie Buckley with some of the Comberton Tiggerss

Andie Buckley with some of the Comberton Tiggerss

A trampoline coach whose “passion inspired a generation” has died suddenly aged 32.

Andrea Buckley, known throughout Cambridgeshire for her motivational skills as a trainer, died this week at her home in Chatteris.

An inquest is due to be opened next week into the former Cambridge University student’s death.

She founded Cambridge Aspire Trampoline Club, formerly known as Comberton Tiggers, and has run classes for all levels of ability across the county – for adults and children as well as those with disabilities.

Stephen Munday, the executive principal of Comberton Village College, where Andrea taught for a decade, announced the sad news to parents and pupils on Thursday (Jan 10).

He told the News:

She was an incredibly dedicated and committed trampoline coach who developed a love of trampolining in many young people.

Many young people are understandably upset by her sudden death. Staff at the school are available to help any of the young people who may need to speak to someone appropriately during the school day.

Rival club Cambridge Cangaroos released their own tribute to Andrea, known to her friends and pupils as Andie, saying she had turned Cambridge Aspire into a “prominent team in the region”.

It read:

Andie will always be remembered as a determined and motivational person whose passion inspired a generation of children and adults to enjoy our beloved sport.

Her philosophy to teach it right from the start so you don’t have to go back and fix it later is crucial to sporting success.

Cambridge Cangaroos wish to pass on our sincerest condolences to her family, friends and club at this difficult time. As a club, a county and a region we will all miss her dearly.

Andrea worked at South Cambridgeshire District Council as a housing strategy officer until last year.

Schuyler Newstead, the council’s head of housing strategy and development, said:

Our thoughts and sympathies are with her family and friends at this sad time.

Andrea was a bright, fun and bubbly character who would always go that extra mile to help residents during her time working at the council. She will be sadly missed by everyone here.

Andrea was nominated for the LIVING SPORT Awards in 2010, which is held in the conjunction with the News to reward sporting excellence at all levels in the county.

Her group was nominated as community club of the year and she was nominated in the coach category.

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Squad selection for 10th February

We are still awaiting decisions at a national level that will impact how we need to make selections for our regional squad. Nevertheless we need to prepare and look forward to the forthcoming season and so we must make some attempt to guess and prepare accordingly.  We are assuming that most currently involved in National squad structures will no longer be, and that we will need to cater for those displaced in our thinking.

We also think that we will continue to see more and more gymnasts achieving the current selection criteria which is a good thing other than for purposes of trying to run an effective squad system which requires that numbers be manageable.  This must be addressed and simplified, and so at least for the first Squad in February we are asking coaches to submit the names of all U17 gymnasts who are eligible to compete in the Gillingham Gala. Any that qualify at the Brentwood Grading on the 3rd of February will be considered by the Regional Coaches prior to the 10th.

We will also wish to continue with our policy of wild card selections; a non measurable approach which allows us to recognise younger gymnasts who, along with their coaches, show attributes which will hopefully raise the bar for the future of the Region.  These are not necessarily permanent places as we would prefer to reach as many as possible who tick the right boxes.

Details of the timetable for the 10th February will be posted here shortly.

Jack & Paul (squad@trampoline-east.org)

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Welcome to Fenland Flyers

Fenland Flyers logoTrampoline-East would like to extend a warm welcome to Fenland Flyers who have recently joined our region and will be around at future gradings.  Based at Wisbech they had previously competed in the Midlands region but we would have seen some of their members at national galas and Zonal schools competitions.  The senior coach at the club is Adele Broda who some may also remember as a national competitor for Edgbarrow a few years ago.

If you would like to find out more about them please visit their website at http://www.fenlandflyers.co.uk/, otherwise simply please join us in wishing them ‘WELCOME!’

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