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Important Competition Structure Announcement

At Sunday’s meeting of clubs following our Trampoline East AGM, we had a long and serious debate about the current competition structure, how and why it evolved, and how the structure now being mandated by BG contrasts with it.  (Webmaster note – discussion documents & minutes are available on this site – click this link).

The debate looked into the possible effects of the new structure, the lack of certainty about certain elements (such as how an arm-set would be judged), and the potentially serious effect it might have on retention, safety and welfare.  We were particularly grateful to Sue Lawton who took the trouble to travel from Berkshire to be with us.

From the way the debate progressed it was clear that there was a strong consensus view that the current structure allows for a more measured development of individuals than the proposed structure. Having said that, it was also acknowledged that our ‘Elite’ performers need to have a competitive pathway open to them for possibility of national representation.

At the end of the debate we considered the following options:

  1. adoption of the new structure being promoted by BG;
  2. running an NDP6 competition at times mandated by BG to provide a qualification route for those wishing to enter the Gala competitions but also running, separately, regional competitions using the current H – C specifications for all other regional competitors;
  3. running an NDP3-6 competition at times mandated by BG but also running, separately, regional competitions using the current H – C specifications for those not wishing to follow the NDP route;
  4. full rejection of the BG structure.

Following a vote in which each club had one vote the results were:

Option 1 No votes
Option 2 13 votes (voters for this would switch to option 3 if for some reason the Trampoline-East committee found option 2 unimplementable)
Option 3 5 votes (voters for this would switch to option 2 if for some reason the Trampoline-East committee found option 3 unimplementable)
Option 4 No votes (but only on the basis that the clubs felt that a pathway to the BG galas/nationals had to be left in place given that BG are intent on implementing their structure regardless of reasoned opposition to it, not because anyone thought the proposed structure had merit).

It was debated and understood that the voted for option 2 would mean Eastern Region would not be able to take part in the Regional Finals.

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Eastern Regional Championship 2013

Eastern Regional Championship 2013 Club Shield

Eastern Regional Championship 2013 Club Shield

Location : Fenland Flyers, Thomas Clarkson Community College, Weasenham Lane, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 2SE

Date : 23rd June 2013

Closing Date : 1st June 2013 (Entry form to follow shortly)

Entry costs

£7.50 per competitor
£10 per club team

Run as an open – grades G, F, E, D, C, and Fig A/B (Combined).

Normal age groups and sexes as per an open – split/grouped as needed

Trophies as normal for this main part of the competition, but no teams/team-medals within grades.

Regional Champions

In each grade and sex (all ages combined) we award a Regional Grade Champion with normal form + tariff and tie-break rules applying.  Each Regional Champion will receive a cup which will have their name engraved on it to hold for the year.   They will also receive a medal which they keep.

  • Grade G Male
  • Grade G Female
  • Grade F Male
  • Grade F Female
  • Grade E Male
  • Grade E Female
  • Grade D Male
  • Grade D Female
  • Grade C Male
  • Grade C Female
  • Grade A/B Male
  • Grade A/B Female

Club Team Shield

Optionally, each club can nominate sets of ten people that form a club team.

These 10 get points based purely on form (no tariff) to decide which club wins.

Everyone in the competition gets ordered on total form score, with 1st place given 1 point down to 200th (or whatever) with 200 points.   The points for the nominated 10 team members are added up and the club team with the lowest number of points wins.

Where two people have the same form scores they will all get the same points.  i.e. if there are 23 people in 8th place with a form score of 45.0 then they will all get a score of 8.

Winning club gets a Shield engraved with their name to keep for a year.   Each winning team member receives a medal to keep.


For Fig A/B – FIG A requirements will be used (10 somersaults, 2 elements counting for difficulty in first routine which can’t be repeated in second otherwise difficulty cannot be awarded)

Trampoline only

For the club teams if someone drops out they can be replaced at any time before the competition starts.  In unforeseen circumstances a competitor unable to get to the event on the day may be replaced, at the competition organisers discretion, with another club member that has not yet competed.  A competitor can only be in one team.

Clubs may enter 0, 1 or more teams.

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Ipswich Grading 21st April 2013

All files for this grading event are now available for download on our competitions page.  Please note in particular that the venue has changed from that originally advertised and that it is now taking place at:

  • Northgate Sports Centre, Sidegate Lane West, Ipswich, IP4 3DJ

We have also had confirmation that the trampolines to be used will be configured as follows:

  • Panel 1 (All F and some E) – 6×6 and 6×4
  • Panel 2 (All D and most E) – 6×6 and 4×4

The officials meeting is at 9:45 with warm-ups to commence at 10:00.  You are advised to bring food and drinks with you since there is no cafeteria service available.

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Trampoline East Team for English Championships

I would love to have a picture of the squad as they were announced at the Brentwood Open  to accompany this article but, sadly, nobody seems to have taken one (?) – if you did please send to webmaster – dave@kingserv.org.

We are pleased to announce our team for the English Championships taking place in South Shields on 27th October and wish them all the very best of luck.  The team is as follows:

Junior Trampoline Senior Trampoline
Josh Newman Philip Dodson
Matthew Burson Mark Pennell
Thomas Verdiccio Callum Murfet
Austin Pannell Nick Ledwold
Victoria Bramble Kayleigh McCarthy
Susanna Badley Georgina Hardiment
Naomi Waldock Sarah Jones
Emily PLunkett Chrissie Law


 Junior Synchro Senior Synchro
Susanna Badley & Victoria Bramble Kirsty Peacock & Kirsty Smith
Emily Plunkett & Naomi Waldock Yumi Giles & sarah Jones
Matthew Burson & Thomas Verdiccio Luis Pires & Nat Whittlingham
Philip Dodoson & Nick Ledwold


 Junior DMT  Senior DMT
Matthew Burson Luis Pires
Thomas Verdiccio Edward Woods
Trinity Kelly Jake Parsons
Shelby Skeggs Rebecca harvey
Lucy Bevan Donna Clarke
Sarah Jones
Yumi Giles
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Veterans Trampoline Competition, Synchro and AGM 2012

The Region is planning to hold an Open Veterans Competition followed by the Trampoline-east AGM on the 16th September 2012 at Harlow Leisurezone, it is also considering holding a synchro competition if there is sufficient interest.

Veterans competition details

All competitors must be a member of British Gymnastics, the competition will be divided into two Levels:

  • Recreational: – This level is open to those who have never competed or have retired at least two years from recreational competitions. (i.e. Grade F or below)
  • Elite: – Competitors must have retired at least two years from Grade E and above competitions.

Age Groups: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+, men and women, date of birth must be declared on the entry form

All competitors will compete the set routine for their group and a voluntary routine to which an age bonus and tariff will be added.. There will be no finals.  Set Routines are




  1. Full twist
  2. Straddle jump
  3. Seat drop
  4. 1/2 twist to seat drop
  5. ½ twist to feet
  6. Pike jump
  7. Back drop
  8. ½ twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. ½ twist jump
  1. Tuck back s/s
  2. Straddle jump
  3. Tuck back s/s to seat
  4. ½ twist to feet
  5. ½ twist jump
  6. Pike jump
  7. Back drop
  8. ½ twist to feet
  9. Tuck jump
  10. Tuck front s/s
Tariff limit for voluntary – 2.0 Tariff limit for voluntary – 6.0

An age bonus will be added to the voluntary routine only. For each age group, 0.1 added for each year over the start age of the group. (i.e. a 55 year will get a 0.5 bonus). If two age groups are merged the higher age range will get 0.3 plus the age bonus.

A team can consist of 3 or 4 performers. Teams can be men’s, women or mixed with performers from any age group or Club. Teams must be declared on an entry form before the closing date.

All competitors must have an appropriately qualified coach present.  Competition Rules: as British Gymnastics Code of Points.

Entry fee: £7-50 per individual. No fee for teams.


The Committee would also like to run a Synchro Competition on the same day to make it an all-day event for the region. The synchro competition will be based on the same format as the Dragons TC use for their competitions;

All groups, dependant on numbers,  competitors can be mixed age, sex and ability, set routine twice.  Grades: no tariff given in any grade. Grades may be placed together depending on numbers.

Both The Veterans and Synchro Competitions can only run if there is enough demand from the clubs in the region. So please could you e-mail your provisional numbers for each competition to  suej@trampoline-east.org by the 28th June 2012 so that the venue can be booked accordingly.


On the AGM front, nomination forms for the new committee will be e-mailed out to all Clubs in the region no later than 10th August 2012.


Chair Trampoline-east

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Eastern Regional Development Squad Selection Criteria



The 2012/2013 Eastern Regional Development Squad (ERDS) will be selected according to the criteria listed below.  Trampoline gymnasts selected will be given the opportunity to attend squad sessions and events, undertaking a programme of activity deemed suitable to prepare gymnasts for possible entry to the National Excel Squad and beyond.

The criteria have been set to identify trampolinists at National level plus Regional D.  The squad coaches reserve the right to include up to 3 wildcard entrants from any level whom they deem would benefit from being on the performance pathway, these wildcards may vary from squad session to session with the view that over time they might deliver performances that merit a squad place.

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Help wanted for Hatfield Gala

The gala season is upon us and the Hatfield Gala is in the Hertfordshire Sports Village on 28th & 29th January 2012.   Any help with the below would be most welcome :-

  • Setting up – mostly mats and a bit of dressing from 18.00 on Friday 27th Jan
  • Manning the registration/check/programme sales desk (Sat and Sun)
  • Some shifts on the copier – results available from end of first comp till end of day

All volunteers welcome, let’s make it another great opening to the season!

Yours in sport



By email or mob 07780672379

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