Putting the bounce back into the East Region


October squad confirmed

Below are the confirmed names for the final squad session of 2012 on 28th October.   We welcome several new gymnasts as a result of qualification to National C last weekend and also some wildcards based on achieving a  score of 50.0 and above. This was the only method that would allow for manageable numbers.

Austin Pannell Dragons
Becks Alexander Aspire
Caitlin Houston Pegasus
Chantelle Dreyer Sprung Loaded WC
Faith Everett Brentwood
Gemma Burgess Sprung Loaded
Georgia Berry Cambourne
Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood
Hannah Blake Cambourne
James Able Cambourne
Lauren Michaels Brentwood
Lauren Sadler Ipswich Four
Lucy Bevan Pegasus
Naomi Waldock Sprung Loaded
Rebecca Shaw Cambourne
Rebecca Shaw Cambourne
Reece Noden Sprung Loaded
Sam Nightingale Hi Tension WC
Samantha Hodges Sprung Loaded WC
Shelby Skeggs Pegasus
Tate Tucker Cambourne
Thomas Verdiccio Cangaroos


  • 12:00 pm Registration and Introductions.
  • 12.15 pm Dynamic Warm Up.  Gymnasts only.
  • 12.30 pm – Revision of previous session
  • 2.00 pm – Cool Down – Lunch Break.
  • 2.45 pm – Dynamic Warm Up.
  • 3.00 pm – Preparing for competitions / Physical testing.
  • 4.00 pm – Cool Down.
  • 4.45 pm – Plenary session.
  • 5:00  pm  – Depart.

Squad members must have their primary or suitably qualified coach present with them on the day.

Any coach wishing to attend the day is more than welcome whether or not they or their club have gymnasts in attendance.

Please bring your own food/refreshments. Vending machines for snacks & drinks are also available.

Training diaries are required.

The cost for the day is £15.

Times for the various sections of the timetable may change if required.


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Jack’s review of squad test results

The table of test results is proving to be a revealing exercise and we trust coaches will look at the relative performances of their gymnasts.  You will recall we have stated that the work we do at squad sessions is not the work which will deliver results …………… that comes from the gymnast working on the right things during club training but applying the principles we have introduced at squad.  As you can see (table below showing only those who attended both squads to date) we have started monitoring each squad member’s progress through a few basic tests and will continue to do so as well as track scores at competition.  All these measures will be used to assess the currency of each gymnast’s membership of the squad.  We are serious about raising the standard of the Eastern region and this process will assist us greatly.

Name 10BT 30BT Pos Ded (F) Pos Ded (B) Drill Drill %
Faith Everett 17.12 17.45 46.53 48.28 0 0 3 23 17.03 98%
James Able 15.38 15.25 40.85 44.25 0 0 1 18 15.63 102%
Rebecca Shaw 18.53 18.25 51.56 51.25 0 3 10 4 18.00 99%
Thomas Verdicchio 16.97 17.00 48.25 46.50 0 0 4 19 16.34 96%
Lauren Sadler 18.53 18.63 52.81 51.91 1 4 6 18 18.34 98%
Lucy Bevan 18.72 19.07 53.69 54.86 2 5 1 12 18.03 95%
Naomi Waldcock 18.97 18.69 53.44 53.66 2 2 2 17 17.81 95%
Holy Felstead (wc) 14.40 14.78 40.10 39.16 0 1 0 6 14.44 98%
Nuala McGrath (wc) 14.28 15.35 42.10 44.65 0 8 0 0 15.34 100%

We will be expect to see an overall increase in jump times which should be the result of correct work done during club training.  Of course this may not produce a continuous upward curve but the overall trend should be upward.

The deductions for accuracy give serious cause for concern in that huge numbers are being shown for backward faults.  There is no doubt this comes from gymnasts being allowed to jump behind the cross.  They like to “see” the cross which means they are not “on” the cross.  I hope you can all work on this by helping the gymnast to pick up an alternative sighting point e.g. the red line at the front of the meter box.  There needs to be a positive mind and vision shift to overcome this problem which, trust me will cause difficulties eventually as the gymnast makes progress.  It was encouraging to see the high scores for height on the test drill relative to 10 bounce jump height …….. well done!  But of course we won’t be satisfied until we see the ten jump time and the accuracy score rise followed by a maintenance of the drill time!  Keep working on it!

If any coach would like advice on how to improve their scores please contact me and I’ll try to help jackkelly1010@btinternet.com

Many thanks

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Regional Squad & Timetable for 29th July

Squad members are welcomed to the Second Regional Squad day which will be held at the Brentwood Centre, Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9NN, the equipment used at the April squad has been relocated to this venue because of Olympic training taking place at Brentwood School.  Click here for location map relative to our usual venue if you are unsure of its location.

The cost for the day is £15 payable on the day. Cheques payable to ECGA.

Confirmations of attendance have been received from the following:

Naomi Waldock Sprung Loaded
Gemma Burgess Sprung Loaded
Caitlin Houston Pegasus
Lucy Bevan Pegasus
Shelby Skeggs Pegasus
Faith Everett Brentwood
Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood
Matthew Burson Cangaroos
Thomas Verdicchio Cangaroos
Trinity Kelly Cangaroos
Rebecca Shaw Cambourne Comets
James Able Cambourne Comets
Georgia Berry Cambourne Comets
Tate Tucker Cambourne Comets
Lauren Sadler Ipswich Four
Holly Felstead Westcliff wc
Nuala McGrath Westcliff wc
Clinton Elmes Dimensions
Abigail Jaggs Flight wc

wc – wildcard

Don’t forget that if, as a coach, you do not have a member attending you are more than welcome to attend as an observer.


  • 10:00 am Registration and Introductions.
  • 10:15 am Dynamic Warm Up for Gymnasts only & Coaches Corner with Jack.
  • 10:30 am – Revision of previous session
  • 11:45 am – Cool Down – Lunch Break.
  • 12:30 pm – Dynamic Warm Up.
  • 12.45 pm – Developing a sat nav for routine performance.
  • 2.00pm – A look at physical testing.
  • 2:30 pm – Cool Down.
  • 2.45 pm – Plenary session.
  • 3:00 pm – Depart.

Squad member must have their primary or suitably qualified coach present with them on the day.  The centre has a cafeteria which will be offering a range of hot and cold snacks on the day (chips, hamburgers etc..), the town centre is about a 15 – 20 minute walk away. Vending machines for snacks & drinks are also available.

Training diaries are required

Can we ask all coaches to familiarise themselves with BG’s Technical Priorities and in particular Jack’s article on the ABC of Routine Planning which can be accessed on the Brentwood Trampoline website.

Times for the various sections of the timetable may change if required.


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Excel workshops

All eligible coaches in the region are encouraged to attend the Excel workshops being run by BG.

National workshops are run in conjunction with National Development Squads and are open to HPC or those registered on HPC courses.  Upcoming National dates are:

  • 3rd/4th December 2011 – Northampton
  • 28th/29th April – Sheffield
  • 26th/27th May – Bracknell
Super-regional workshops are run in conjunction with Super-regional Development Squads and are open SC or those registered on SC courses.  Upcoming Super-regional dates are:
  • 4th/5th February – Poole (S) or Sheffield (N)
  • 5th/6th May – Gillingham (S) or Salford (N)
  • 16th/17th June – Poole (S) or TBA (N)
BG may publish more information on the BG website in due course.
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