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Coaching Vacancy in Brentwood

Brentwood Trampoline Club has an upcoming requirement for one or two self-employed coaches who are keen to develop their coaching in this successful competitive club.  There is currently potential for up to around 15 hours per week, mainly evening, although as the club embarks on expansion plans this may well increase over time, rates available are competitive.

The successful applicant(s) will be either Level 3 or 4 qualified or Level 2 with a good competitive background to draw upon, current BG membership & CRB is essential as is attendance at an approved safeguarding course within the past 3 years and a working knowledge of the National Technical Priorities.

Working within a team of coaches with all levels and ages of competitive and recreational gymnasts, you will be responsible to the Head Coach for managing a group and helping them realise their potential through safe, progressive coaching practices and helping to mentor our Level 1 coaches.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please contact our Head Coach, Paul Kitchen, by email in the first instance providing contact details and a brief résumé of your experience and qualifications.

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Regional Squad Day – Testing Outcomes

Squad Day – 1st April

The following table shows the testing outcomes for the two main tests undertaken which were as follows:

  • Ten bounces from a ‘flying start’ recorded in seconds (10BT).
  • Thirty bounces from a ‘dead bed’ recorded in seconds (30BT) and also recording forward (Pos Ded (F)) and backward (Pos Ded (B)) movement along the bed outside a notional ‘metre box’ around the cross.
Name Club Present 10BT 30BT Pos Ded (F) Pos Ded (B)
Naomi Waldock Levitation Y  18.97 53.44 2 2
Nathan Lunniss Levitation *
Caitlin Houston Pegasus *
Eliana Cuifo Pegasus Y  17.00 (E) 49.44 3 0
Lucy Bevan Pegasus Y  18.72 53.69 2 1
Kensie Sherlock Brentwood Y  *  *
Lucy Phillips Brentwood Y  17.44 47.63 0 0
Lauren Michaels Brentwood Y  17.19 48.50 0 9
Faith Everett Brentwood Y  17.12 46.53 0 3
Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood *
Kendra Sherlock Brentwood Y 16.06 45.90 0 3
Maddison Merritt Brentwood *
Joe Harris Brentwood Y  16.94 49.19 1 5
Jonathan Gibbs Brentwood *
Matthew Burson Cangaroos Y 17.40 45.25 2 3
Thomas Verdicchio Cangaroos Y  16.97 48.25 0 4
Rebecca Shaw Aspire Y  18.53 51.56 0 10
Tate Tucker Aspire Y  * *
James Able Aspire Y  15.38 40.85 0 1
Georgia Berry Aspire *
Lucy Forsdyke Loughton  Y  17.28 49.21 0 1
Lauren Sadler Ipswich Four  Y  18.53 52.81 1 6
Holly Felstead Westcliff Y  14.40 40.10 0 0
Nuala McGrath Westcliff Y  14.28 42.10 0 0
Clinton Elmes Dimensions *


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Regional Squad day – Final selection & timetable

Paul Kitchen & Graham Parker have released the following details about the upcoming squad day on 1st April at Brentwood.

Dear Gymnast/ Coach,

Welcome to the first Squad of 2012 and congratulations on achieving the criteria for selection. Undoubtedly this is a result of the hard work and dedication you and your coach put into our sport, and with the help of everyone, it is our desire to forge a way forward, raising the bar within the region.

We feel it will be the collective efforts of dedicated individuals that will cause this, so ask each and every one of you to arrive on the 1st April ready to become a better Trampoline Gymnast and/or Coach and with your feedback we can deliver squad days that truly reflect a developing region for many years to come.

Please remember to bring your cheque (payable to ECGA) or cash to the sum of £15 per squad member to contribute to the cost of this squad day.

Squad  Members

Naomi Waldock Levitation
Nathan Lunniss Levitation *
Caitlin Houston Pegasus *
Eliana Cuifo Pegasus
Lucy Bevan Pegasus
Kensie Sherlock Brentwood
Lucy Phillips Brentwood
Lauren Michaels Brentwood
Faith Everett Brentwood
Georgia Tyrrell Brentwood *
Kendra Sherlock Brentwood
Maddison Merritt Brentwood *
Joe Harris Brentwood
Jonathan Gibbs Brentwood *
Matthew Burson Cangaroos
Thomas Verdicchio Cangaroos
Rebecca Shaw Aspire
Tate Tucker Aspire
James Able Aspire
Georgia Berry Aspire *
Lucy Forsdyke Loughton
Lauren Sadler Ipswich Four
Holly Felstead Westcliff wc
Nuala McGrath Westcliff wc
Clinton Elmes Dimensions *

*Injured/holiday.    wc – wildcard

Regional Squad Timetable

10:00 am Registration and Introductions.

10:15 am Dynamic Warm Up  Gymnasts only.

Coach Corner.           Coaches with Jack.

10:45 am – Technical Priority – TOP and its relevance to Time Of Flight

11:45 am – Cool Down – Lunch Break.

12:30 pm – Dynamic Warm Up.

12.45 pm – Free Training plus Testing – emphasis on TOP as in Technical Priorities.

– Timed jumping for height and accuracy.

2.15 pm – A look at physical testing.

2:30 pm – Cool Down.

2.45 pm – Plenary session.

3:00 pm – Depart.

Every squad member must have a coach present with them on the day.

Please bring your own food/refreshments.  The centre has a water drinking fountain available in the fitness Gym.  Vending machines for snacks are available.

Training diaries are required.

Can we ask all coaches to familiarise themselves with BG’s Technical Priorities and in particular Jacks articles on Top related topics of which there are several.


Paul .

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Announcing Provisional Regional Squad

  • Naomi Waldock (Levitation)
  • Nathan Lunniss (Levitation)
  • Caitlin Houston (Pegasus)
  • Eliana Cuifo (Pegasus)
  • Lucy Bevan (Pegasus)
  • Kensie Sherlock (Brentwood)
  • Lucy Phillips (Brentwood)
  • Lauren Michaels (Brentwood)
  • Faith Everett (Brentwood)
  • Georgia Tyrrell (Brentwood)
  • Kendra Sherlock (Brentwood)
  • Maddison Merritt (Brentwood)
  • Joe Harris (Brentwood)
  • Jonathan Gibbs (Brentwood)
  • Matthew Burson (Cangaroos)
  • Thomas Verdicchio (Cangaroos)
  • James Able (Aspire)
  • Lucy Forsdyke (Loughton)
  • Lauren Sadler (Ipswich Four)
  • Holly Felstead (Westcliff)
  • Nuala McGrath (Westcliff)
  • Clinton Elmes (Dimensions)

We are pleased to announce the following performers who will (provisionally) form our first Regional Training Squad to be held at Bentwood School Sports Centre on Sunday April 1st 2012.

It is important that you understand that this is a  DRAFT squad and we intend to confirm the final squad on the Monday after the Saffron Walden Grading competition.  As previously stated we apologise in advance should anyone be named here that will subsequently not make the final squad, this will not preclude them from working towards the next squad day to be held in June.

As coaches could you please confirm that your performer is available to attend the squad session if finally selected and the name of the coach who will attend with them? The squad session will be operated along the lines of other regional squads where drills and measures will be carried out.  Future squad participation for all members will depend upon continued improvement towards national goals.  Jack Kelly will be attending the day.

Should you have any queries or feel we have omitted someone from the squad in error please do not hesitate to contact us.

Graham Parker
Paul Kitchen


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Club Welfare Officers Day

I am pleased to be able to bring you news of the proposed East Region Club Welfare Officers Day for 2012.  This year it will take place on Saturday 12th May, 9.45am – 4pm at St John’s Church Hall, St John’s Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1JY (immediately across the road from the Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre).

Sessions will include:

  • Verity Adams, County Welfare Officer for Essex, is planning a session on Filming and Photography.
  • Michelle Ellis, BG Workforce Development Coordinator and County Welfare Officer for Bedfordshire, will deliver a presentation called ‘100% Me – British Gymnastics & UKAD (Anti-Doping in Sport)’.
  • Heidi Saxon, Safeguarding and Compliance Officer from BG will give us a British Gymnastics Safeguarding Update
  • Avril Spriggs, Regional Welfare Officer will deliver a session called “A Case of Bullying”. This is based on real cases.

The day is free of any charges and an excellent lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included as a thank you for all your work from the Regional Executive Committee.

Please put this date in your diaries and, if at all possible, keep it free for what promises to be a good day and a valuable get-together!

If you want to book your place now you can do so by contacting Karly immediately by e-mail at karlygood@hotmail.co.uk or call her on 07711 903611.  You can also write to her at 142, Fakenham Road, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6QH.  Once you have booked please treat this as a firm commitment.  A printed programme will be sent to all clubs by March/April and you can contact Karly after that if you wish.


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Regional Squad Selection Update

Since posting the Regional Squad Criteria we have now reviewed both the Brentwood Grading competition and Hatfield Gala.  We have made a draft selection of performers whom we hope we will be asking to attend the first squad training session to be held at Brentwood School Sports Centre on Sunday April 1st 2012, 10am till 3pm and this will be posted in draft form on this site shortly.

Please note that we intend to review the Saffron Walden Grading and Bath Gala before we announce the final squad just one week prior to the squad training day.  The reason for this is that the squad day is just one week after the next grading and we would like the best performing squad possible, therefore there may be performers listed in the draft squad who may not make the final selection squad.  Our apologies for this if it affects a member of your club but it is essential our squad is based upon performance quality with an eye towards a performance pathway over the long term.

We intend to review all future competition results and there may be performers invited to one squad who will not make subsequent squads, some may be invited for experience as wildcards to offer a direction for their personal training programs with the aim that they successfully make future squads on merit. The emphasis will be on maintaining and improving training/competition measures as well as results so that the squad is progressive.

We have made one amendment to the criteria posted determined from our analysis, the Grade D total score has been lifted to 48.7  from 48.5.   We look forward to your support for the squad and would appreciate it if you could provisionally confirm your performers will be available for the squad and let us know if you have anyone else you expect to achieve the criteria over the next two competitions?  Further announcements will be posted soon regarding the squad session timetable and measurement exercises.

Graham Parker
Paul Kitchen

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Eastern Regional Development Squad Selection Criteria



The 2012/2013 Eastern Regional Development Squad (ERDS) will be selected according to the criteria listed below.  Trampoline gymnasts selected will be given the opportunity to attend squad sessions and events, undertaking a programme of activity deemed suitable to prepare gymnasts for possible entry to the National Excel Squad and beyond.

The criteria have been set to identify trampolinists at National level plus Regional D.  The squad coaches reserve the right to include up to 3 wildcard entrants from any level whom they deem would benefit from being on the performance pathway, these wildcards may vary from squad session to session with the view that over time they might deliver performances that merit a squad place.

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